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William Cooper is a major antagonist of the 2010 action comedy Red.

He was portrayed by Karl Urban, who also played Billy Butcher in The BoysJulius Caesar in Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Kirill in The Bourne SupremacySkurge in Thor Ragnarok, and Black Hat in Priest


Chasing Moses

Showdown with Moses

Upon Moses realizing that Cooper looked his information up, he decides to directly confront Cooper and approaches him. However, Cooper notices him, picks him up, throws him down, and turns around to presumably get his gun. Moses quickly gets up, however, and lifts a nearby glass table up, slams it against Cooper, kicks though it, and knocks him down. He grabs him by the head and the two start punching each other, before Moses gets the upper hand and throws him against the wall.

Moses then manages to suplex him, but Cooper swings a cabinet in his face. Moses hits him with a telephone, pins his arm down, and dislocates his shoulder. Cooper notices his gun nearby, wrestles free from Moses, and inches toward it. Moses pulls a shelf down on Cooper, jumps through a glass wall, and takes off running. Cooper manages to recover his gun and shoot Moses in the shoulder, but upon Moses escaping through a locked door, Cooper realizes that Moses managed to steal his key card.

Cooper reports characteristics of Moses and has the security check anyone who leaves the building. Shortly after the incident, his dislocated arm is reset, but he gets chastised by Wilkes for being beaten down. Cooper questions why Moses was even marked for death, but Wilkes claims she does not know, yet he does not need to know and his mission is unchanged.

Confrontation at Dunning's House

Protecting the Vice President


  • Karl Urban actually nicked Bruce Willis with the cup he throws at him in their fight scene.
  • Karl Urban previously worked with Brian Cox in The Bourne Supremacy.
    • In that film Urban played a Russian and Cox played an American, here it's the exact opposite.


Bad move, Grandpa
~ Cooper upon being confronted by Moses.
F*ck you, Cynthia.
~ Cooper's redemption.
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