William Hell is a vigilante from DC comics and an enemy of the Suicide Squad, among other DC characters - a racially motivated criminal he acts as the leader of the White Supremacist group, Aryan Empire.

William Hell's motive is a twisted psychosis in which he would hunt down criminals, taking any non-White criminals to the police while having White criminals spirited away to join the Aryan Empire.


as a child William was a spoiled anti-social but experienced a dramatic change when his parents were both killed during a race riot, forcing him to live with his grandfather, who had been a proud supporter of Nazism during World War II.

Under the "care" of his grandfather William would change into a deeply racist individual who in later life used the money his grandfather left him to support numerous neo-Nazi organizations as well as found his own in the form of the Aryan Empire.


a wealthy non-superhuman William has no powers outside those of an ordinary human but is a trained marksman and hand-to-hand combatant - his weapon of choice is a crossbow.