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William Kent is the secondary antagonist in The General's Daughter. Kent is a colonel is the U.S. Army.

He was portrayed by Timothy Hutton.


He was among the many soldier who have been sleeping with Elizabeth Campbell, his commanding officer at West Point. As it turns out he is married and has children, and such an affair would ruin his career, and relatationship with his family. He was there when Elisabeth died when she did reenactment of the rape cover up that happened when she was a sophomore year in West Point.

Years ago, Elizabeth was gang raped in field training exercise and she thought her father, General Joseph Campbell, could help bring down the culprits. General Campbell initially wanted justice for her, with the head of West Point made him look the other way for a promotion and to perserve West Point's image of integreity.  Elisabeth held a huge grudge against her father, starts having sex with the soldiers in the military base Elisabeth called her father and showed him the reecreation, to force him to own up to what happened. He refused and left her tied up. Kent saw Elisabeth like that, she said she would reveal the truth of her father's cover up and tell his wife and kids about their ongoing affair. Kent  retaliated by choking her to death.

First Sergeant / CW4 Paul Brenner, U.S. Army CID and CW2 Sarah Sunhill, U.S. Army CID investigate Elisabeth's murder, eventually discovering the truth of Elizabeth's gang rape, Campbell's cover up, Kent's murder of Elsabeth. This leads to a confrontation on a mine field between Breener and Sunhill against Kent. Kent briefly takes Sunhill hostage, and kills himself stepping on a anti-personnel mine. After Elisabeth's murder is solved, Brenner goes on to press charges on General Campbell and have him court martialed for the cover up on her daughter and betraying her.

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