William Kent is one of the main antagonists in The General's Daughter. Kent is a colonel is the U.S. Army. He was portrayed by Timothy Hutton.

He is married and had an ongoing affair with the General daughter Elisabeth Campbell who was his commander in the military base. Even though if this affair happened, it could ruin his marriage or get thrown out of the army. He was their when Elisabeth died when she did reenactment of the rape cover up that happened when she was a sophomore year in West Point. She was gang raped in field training exercise and she thought her father could help bring down the culprits. The General wanted justice for her, with the head of West Point made him look the other way if this gets out it would ruin West Point and it would hurt women's chances entering this college. Elisabeth held a huge grudge against her father, starts having sex with all the guys in the military base. All of the guys were married or dating somebody else. I think the General knew about her daughter's extra activity after she graduated from West Point and worked as a Psychological Operations. Elisabeth called her father and showed him the cover up and ask him to apologize for the mistakes that happened. He told her no and left her their. Kent saw Elisabeth in this cover up, she would spill beans on her father's cover up and tell his wife and kids about their ongoing affair. It would ruin him, Kent took her out. First Sergeant / CW4 Paul Brenner, U.S. Army CID and CW2 Sarah Sunhill, U.S. Army CID was investigating Elisabeth murder, they figure out General Campbell cover up and Kent killed Elsabeth. Kent killed himself stepping on a anti-personnel mine and Elisabeth's murder is solved. Brenner is pressing charges on General Campbell and have him court martialed for the cover up on her daughter and betraying her.

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