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Tally ho, lads! I must say you're starting to become quite a thorn in my balls.
~ Sir William P. Connelly

Sir William P. Connelly, Esquire is the leader of the Super Adventure Club and has only appeared in the season 10 episode "The Return of Chef" of the hit cartoon show South Park. He is shown to rely on his security guards to escort people off his property rather than actually harming them. He like all the other members of the Super Adventure Club is cited to be a child molester.

He was voiced by the South Park co-creator Trey Parker.


William is a stereotypical Victorian-era English explorer. He wears a white, pith helmet pince nez, and carries a riding crop. He also wears a white dress shirt, white trousers and a pink ascot.


He is shown to be somewhat caring of human life, as he did not want to kill the boys, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Eric. However, he does not have any moral objections to psychologically traumatizing children to claim their "marlocks".


William P. Connelly is seen in the map room in S.A.C base with the other members of the cult, lecturing their next step in their quest to become immortal, while Stan Marsh and the gang enter the office. When questioned of why their school cafeteria Chef has become a quirky and perverted lunatic, after joining them, Connelly disclosures that the Super Adventure Club is a criminal organization that travels the world and molests children. Kyle discovers that Chef has been brainwahsed by the Super Adventure Club and is a pawn of them.

The boys manage to break Chef's menticide by taking him to a strip club full of women of his type. Unfortunately, he is sedated by a tranquilizer dart by William and his henchmen and he is returned to the base. The boys question why they are committing their abysmal crimes, he informs the boys that every children in the world is abundant with a magic in their organs called 'marlocks'. Marlocks can enpower immortality to the older men with marlocks and the only way to acquire them is by having sex with the children.

William dismisses the boys and forbids them to return or interfere again. They battle members of S.A.C and free Chef from his brainwashing preperation. Tragically, as the boys escape with Chef, Thunder hits the bamboo bridge and burns the it, resulting Chef to fall and wound himself on the craggy stalagmites and is clawed to death by a bear and lion.

Chef is resurrected by William and the Super Adventure Club troops via the same technique in Star War 3; Revenge of the Sith and Chef is born as Darth Chef and is a now a high ranking member of the Super Adventure Club.



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