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If your calculations are correct, we will have immediately achieved more than those Nazi bastards ever did.
~ Dr. William Peck to Aleksandra Valentina.
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised you're here. Makes sense. Maxis working with Requiem. Let's make a deal. I need the power on. Do that. I give you your spy. You scratch my back. I scratch yours.
~ One of Peck's reactions upon seeing Requiem enters the base.

Doctor William Peck is a major antagonist of the Zombies mode in the 2020 first person shooter, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. He is the lead scientist of the Omega Group, serving under Colonel Lev Kravchenko.

He was voiced by Zeke Alton.



Peck was born in 1940, and graduated with a Doctorate in Theoretical Physics at the age of 20. Later he became the Program Manager in the US Department of Defense, and in charge of the Directed Energy Weapon laboratories. According to Peck under the truth serum in "Firebase Z", he was romantically involved with a woman named Martha, whom he remembered fondly.

He was deemed an excellent gain for Soviet Union by Aleksandra Valentina, which resulted with Peck defected to Omega Group, a organization which it's goal of harness the energies and resources of the Dark Aether to win the Cold War. Working under Soviet Colonel Lev Kravchenko, Dr. Peck would work with Dr. Valentina on trying to help the Soviet Union gain more power against the United States.

Die Maschine

Peck appears as a spectral vision in "Die Maschine", as the Requiem team see the vision when going into the Dark Aether.

Firebase Z

In 1984, Samantha Maxis was captured by Peck during her infiltration to Outpost 25, one of Omega's bases. Grigori Weaver, an associate of Maxis and the commanding officer of Requiem, led an operation to rescue Maxis and recover intel.

Upon entering Outpost 25, the strike team was met by Captain Ravenov, a agent of Omega and the secret contact of Maxis, who told them to enter the teleporter to the base.

Upon entering the base, Peck requests strike team to restore the Aether reactors in exchange for Maxis. However, upon finishing the task, Weaver and the team were informed that Peck threw Maxis into the Dark Aether, and need to open it themselves. Ravenov told the team that when Omega sent one of the agents to Dark Aether, they all went insane and telling unreal things, so in order to extract the truth, Omega made a truth serum to change their sayings. Ravenov gave a keycard to the team to collect all the materials for the serum, and to make Peck says how to rescue Maxis.

Once Peck inhaled the fumes of the serum, he tells the team that they need the codes to restart the quantum mainframe, and to locate Maxis, they need her dimensional tracker ID tag. Peck then reveals that he tricked Requiem into stopping Maxis one way of getting out of the Aether, but Weaver and the team use the satellites to bring her back. One of the Elder Gods Orda managed to escape from the Aether, but is defeated by Requiem, who escapes before Omega can make it the outpost. Aleksandra Valentina leads the Omega team to rescue Peck, but Kravchenko reveals himself to the doctor, informing him that he is disappointed that he failed to stop Reqiuem. Peck is then asked by Kravchenko which of his eyes is better, implying that Lev is going to gouge out one of his eyes.



  • Peck has an IQ of 179, but also displays a lack of empathy which bordered on an undiagnosed sociopathy disorder.


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