Hey! Who are you calling "sour"?
~ Willie's last words before getting liquified.

Willie Wumpa Cheeks is the main antagonist of Crash Tag Team Racing. He is the jolly park mascot of Ebenezer Von Clutch's Motorworld who dispenses a beverage called a Wumpa Whip from a nozzle on his nose.


After Ebenezer's Black Power Gem is stolen, Willie and other park employees scour Motorworld to find it and the culprit, but to no success.

The situation was looking grim until Crash, Cortex, and company suddenly burst into the park during a high speed chase. Willie greeted them happily in rhyme and directed the group to the park lobby when they agreed to aid in the search.

After further investigation, Crash's sister Coco discovered that the gem thief had a strong connection to Wumpa Whip but still unable to figure out who the thief is, causing Willie to reveal himself as the thief out of frustration. He then attempts to flee using a rocket in a space-themed section of the park, but Crash stops the launch before Willie is blasted into goop by Neo Cortex.


Willie appears to be a giant living orange Wumpa Fruit with very thin arms and legs. His hands are green with a yellow tinge, his curly eyebrows are a purplish color, and he has a long teal nozzle on his face that acts as his nose. For clothing, Willie wears a red suit with coat-tails and a big collar but no sleeves or leggings, while his shoes match the suits color and are curled up.


At first, Willie seems to be a jolly and joyful mascot of Von Clutch’s Motorworld who enjoys making rhymes and whimsical narration but is also concerned for his bosses well being. However, it’s later revealed that Willie is a disgruntled employee who despises Von Clutch due to his treatment to the park's other workers.


  • His name is similar and maybe a reference to an early concept name and design for Crash himself: Willie Wombat.


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