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Willy is one of Bumpy's obnoxious pals and crime members in the 1971 movie Shaft and its first sequel Shaft's Big Score (1972).

He was payed by Drew Bundini Brown.


In the first one, he already has a desire to get revenge on John for having his pal, Leroy, killed in a fight. He also tries to alert Bumpy about John, and how, "He'll give you more shit." Willy's time in the movie is short. The main act of villainry of his is when John and Ben come into their place of business to confront Bumpy about his lie. Willy refuses to let John and Ben into Bumpy's room. Willy arrogantly boasts about how no one searches him, being he's under Bumpy. John replies to "get the same cat to search us." Later on, when he doesn't get his way, he threatens John saying, "Listen Snow White, me and you gonna tangle sooner or later. You hear what I say?" To which John replies, "Why don't you stop playin' with yourself, Willy? You ain't gonna do SHIT!"

Shaft's Big Score

In this one, we get some direct antimostiy. In the funeral of Atsby, Bumpy and Willy remark that when John die, they will drop by to his funeral. Willy says, "Real soon," implying that he wants to murder him. At Bumpy's place of work, he also insults him, saying he's not as handsome as he used to be. But they do work together in this one. But even then he doesn't help him, instead wanting to see drama. However, by breaking the glass on Andrew's face, he does help John, thus putting a halt to their ugly feud, for now, even saying, "That's how it's done, junior," as though he's his son. I doing this he does become an honorable villain. This is unlike Bumpy who's just evil altogether. They take care of Mascola.

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