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But nothing! This alliance with the Penamstanis means our military will finally have a foothold there. Geographically, it is between China and the West. Tactically, it means we can put pressure on China if it should come to that. And, one day, it will. We need to be ready. We need to show the world that we are a strong nation, capable of protecting the interests of the free world.
~ Secretary Wilson to both President Graham and Ryan.
Shut up. While you've been busy playing saint, I've been working for the sake of our nation's security. If it means sacrificing a few soldiers, so be it. And what's wrong with profiting off the fruits of one's labor? Nothing.
~ Wilson to Claire Redfield.

Secretary Wilson is the main antagonist of the first season in the 2021 Netflix animated series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

He is a former major general and commanding officer in the U.S. Army and Secretary of Defense for the Graham Administration. But he works with a pharmaceutical company known as TRICELL that wants to create bio-organic weapons for military use.

He was voiced by Aruno Tahara in Japanese and Doug Stone in English.


In 2000, Wilson was involved in the U.S. intervention in the Penamstan civil war. Wilson use the situation to test his bioweapons, causing a zombie outbreak to occur, which the government covered up and deemed the incident classified. He created a drug called "inhibitor", which prevents his soldiers from turning into zombies, which he supplied them for Jason and his team and blackmail them into doing his dirty work for personal operations.

In the White House, President Graham, Wilson, Ryan discuss about the alert that they receive from yesterday that one of their servers was compromised, which it contains the Pentagon's military secrets and many other files. While trying to figured out who hacked their servers, Wilson theorized that it was China, since they have been waging a cyberwar against the U.S. for years. But Graham denies any of this and only make things worse and don't know anything yet. But the White House's lights is shut down, the building is attacked by zombies. Leon and the others managed to escaped and killed all the zombies.

The next day, Wilson informs the president that China was responsible for hacking into the servers and found documents that contained intel on a bio-research facility in Shanghai. Wilson suggest that they send Jason and his team to investigate but Ryan was against and tries to convince the president not to go with this suggestion until Wilson angrily reminds Graham about last night's outbreak, forcing the president to approve Wilson's idea.

In the White House office, Ryan tries to convince Graham not to take a stance against China that will possibly a potential war, Wilson continues to reminding the president about the incidents, allying with Penamstan will improve their military and manipulates Graham to take a stance against China for a free world, which frustrates Ryan even more.

After Claire is kidnapped and taken to a research facility beneath the air force base, Wilson offers her a deal to drop her investigation and he'll give her anything she wants and let her live. When Claire rejects his offer, Wilson threatens her and tells her that President Graham will take a stance against China and their military will reside with Penamstan where he will move his bioweapons there and will open a market for the inhibitors for profit.

When Jason arrives at the lab, Wilson congratulated him for faking his death and be more effective on personal operations. However, Jason betrays and bites Wilson, making the latter flee in terror knowing that now he is infected with the virus.

After the events, Wilson escaped from the lab and is seen in a room with a TRICELL agent, who gives him the inhibitor, which Wilson injects himself with.


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