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Wilson Wyler Concannon, or better known as Wilson Concannon, is a major antagonist of the 2009 horror film The Hills Run Red. In reality, it is his daughter who is the main antagonist, though Wilson does fill the role for a portion of the film.

He was portrayed by William Sadler.



Wilson grew up as a mentally disturbed adult obsessed with one goal: finish his horror film "masterpiece" The Hills Run Red, a 1980s slasher film where a murderous psychopath named the Babyface Killer brutally murders several people. Unsatisfied with his actors' delivery, Wilson donned the Babyface costume and had his 13 year old daughter Alexa film him viciously murdering all of the actors, hoping to use the snuff films as the kill scenes in his film. Around this time, Wilson also raped Alexa, which led to the birth of an unnamed son. After releasing the film, it was quickly wiped out of existance as it was deemed to violent. Wilson then locked his son in a shed where the latter chopped off his face and stitched on a babyface mask in hopes of impressing his abusive father, recreating a scene from the film.

In the film

A few decades later, a man named Tyler became obsessed with The Hills Run Red, determined to see the lost film for himself and re-release it into popular culture.

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