The Wind Swords were a clan of the Minbari Warrior Castes who served as antagonists in the Babylon 5 universe. They were noted for unique markings on their faces.

In the ancient past the Wind Swords were originally a mounted force. By the 23rd century, the clan had become very extreme in their views, deciding to fight for Minbar even if it meant going against their government.

At the conclusion of the Dilgar War, the Wind Swords took in Jha'dur, who was the last warmaster still roaming free after the others had been caught. As a result she survived the destruction of the Dilgar homeworld Omelos when its sun went supernova. She spent the next decades designing terrible weapons for the Wind Swords that could cause massive casualties.

Early on in the war against Earth, the Wind Swords approached the Grey Council to offer them the weapons Jha'dur created for them, and that they had given sanctuary to Jha'dur. Other Minbari were horrified to learn this, and the Minbari Federation kept this as a closely guarded secret out of shame. After the war when the Grey Council ordered their military to surrender at the Battle of the Line, the Wind Swords broke with the Minbari government.

As Babylon 5 came on line in 2257, the Wind Swords sent an Assassin to kill the Vorlon Ambassador Kosh, and frame station commander Jeffrey Sinclair for this murder. They hoped at the least to get Sinclair convicted of murder, and at best have the Vorlons destroy B5 and exterminate humanity.

The station crew found the Minbari Assassin, and Sinclair confronted him. After the Assassin was defeated he committed suicide with an explosive implant. Delenn was able to identify him as a member of the Wind Swords, and apologized to Sinclair.

In 2258 Jha'dur left the Wind Swords and traveled to Babylon 5 with an anti-aging serum. When a hearing was held to determine if Jha'dur should stand trial, the Minbari unexpectedly voted no because of the shame they felt over having hidden Jha'dur all those years, and feared that if Jha'dur stood trial the fact they that sheltered Jha'dur would come out into the open.