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The Windmill Vandals are a group of four Horsebacked Vandals (Eastern Germanic Tribesmen) who once plagued the land of Nowhere. They appear as the titular main antagonists of the episode of the same name.



250 years prior to the TV show's events, the very first owner of the farm, Jiles Galette built the windmill at a time everyone else depended on waterwheels built by these four vandals. One day, the water dried up, and when it made Galette the only man with a working mill, the vandals were not happy. They tried to go to his farm and kill him, but it was fortunate that Galette managed to stop them by carving four magical symbols on his windmill fins to banish the four vandals into the spirit world.

Legend has it, if the windmill stops turning, the vandals will return from the dead and get revenge on all who possess it. In the episode in which they appear, the windmill breaks, and the Vandals appear as wraiths to come and destroy the farmhouse. The mill is broken and repaired several times, until finally it is fully fixed, and the Vandals banished forevermore.

The Vandals appear whenever the blades cease turning, and disappear instantly upon them becoming mobile again.


  • It should be noted that when the vandals cut Eustace's head off, the next time they disappear Eustace's head may have gone with them
  • In the picture when the vandals were alive and attacking the farmhouse, it should be noted that the vandals used different weapons from what they have now during the attack on the Bagge family
  • In some episodes, the Windmill gets destroyed by monsters and the Windmill Vandals do not appear. This is likely because, according to the lore of the Vandals, the windmill has to first stop turning in order for them to appear. Therefore, it's likely the other times the Windmill was destroyed does not count because it did not stop turning first in order to enable the Vandals to rise from the grave.
  • It is possible that they could not kill the Bagges after beheading them because they're weapons are of supernatural manifestation after the original windmill owner cursed them, so the Bagges still living might be due to magic.
  • The Windmill Vandals It is a reference to the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse.


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