So, we meet again. You bested me last time, but this time, I will prevail!
~ Sir Gallant

Windwhipper (Kazaguruu in Japan) is a windmill monster from the legendary Sir Gallant's past, appearing in the episode One Crazy Knight. When King Dedede sees Windwhipper defeat Sir Gallant in a video about his travels, he orders it from Nightmare Enterprises. Windwhipper can send extremely sharp shurikens out of its hands and can spin his blades to slice and dice its foes. Sir Gallant decides to take Winfwhipper on again, only to get badly beaten and humiliated. After Sir Gallant's unsuccessful attempt to defeat Windwhipper, Kirby steps in and inhales its shurikens. Kirby becomes Mirror Kirby and the fight continues. Windwhipper shoots out more shurikens but Kirby protects himself with Reflect Guard and effortlessly knocks them away. Kirby uses his Mirror Body attack to create many clones to distract and confuse Windwhipper. The clones then join together and use Mirror Cut to slice down its front, destroying it and causing a huge explosion.

Physical Appearance

Windwhipper is a large windmill monster. It has a wooden body covered in white shingles and a dark red roof. Its face consists of four large blades which have mirrors on the back of them, and a single yellow eye. It has ivy going across a small section of its body. Its hands are miniature windmill blades with small slits in them, which it shoots its sharp shuriken blades out of.


Windwhipper's origin is inspired by the story of Don Quixote, specifically chapter eight of part one. In one of the most famous and iconic scenes of the story, Don Quixote mistakes a grouping of nearly forty windmills for a group of giants swinging their arms. He tries to slay them by charging at them, but to no avail.

In addition, Sir Gallant is based off of Don Quixote himself, and fights Whindwhipper the same way Quixote fought the windmills.

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