Wing Mask is a Black Cross Army Masked Monster and antagonist in episode 10 of Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.

He is voiced by Shōzō Iizuka who previously voiced a Crescent Moon Mask and later voiced a Horn Mask, a Sword Mask, Jeeg, Davon, Gokiraagin, Butarugin, Goriwashigin, Meteor BEM, Dora Goldhorn, Bara Gold, PP Chiipuri, Morgumorgu, Hyde Gene and Great King Mons Drake of the Planet.


Wing Mask led a section of the Black Cross Army in developing a powerful wind-machine that can create hurricane-force winds up to 100 meters an hour, empowered by the Hurricane Diode they have developed. After the Gorenger find out about this from a fallen EAGLE spy, they discover that Wing Mask has befriended a girl who has lost her balloon-selling father and has used balloons to bond with her, even if the equivalent to a hostage scenario. The Gorenger work to rescue the girl in order to close in on the Hurricane Diode, but Wing Mask captured Peggy, tortures her and holds her until Kaijo and Asuka come to her rescue.

Wing Mask makes it appear that the wind-making device was set up on a lighthouse which the Gorenger then infiltrate, but instead trap them while revealing that the wind-making device and the Hurricane Diode was now on the Masked Monster himself. After Aorenger and Kirenger rescue them, Wing Mask shows he once again has the girl hostage, alongside balloons with bombs attached to them to blow her up if they try to attack with Blue Chery. While the Gorenger are at the mercy of Wing Mask activating the device, Akarenger realizes that the Hurricane Diode works like a hurricane and thus has no wind in the eye where he is; he uses his Birdies to fly to the eye and take the diode, allowing the team to stop the balloon bombs and finally take him out with Gorenger Storm.

Powers and Abilities

He uses a double-bladed staff as his main weapon as well as wing-like boomerang projectiles.

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