The Winged Puma

The Winged Puma

The Winged Puma is a monsterous supernatural creaturfeline who is the local legend of Morrisville, New York, and a villain in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series.


The Winged Puma was a legendary monster that terrorized Ray's hometown of Morrisville, but was then mysteriously banished to the depths of the Earth. It was not seen for hundreds of years. Since then, the Winged Puma Parade was held every 10 years in Morrisville.

Alan Favish cast a spell that inadvertently reawakened the spirit and enveloped it with negative energy. Favish then tried to use his book of spells to destroy the creature and make Ray and the other Ghostbusters look like fools, but the Puma hurled a fireball that destroyed the book.

Since the Winged Puma was imbued with negative energy, the Ghostbusters had to make some slight adjustments to their equipment in order to capture him. Ray got an idea to reverse the polarity of the Proton Packs.

They successfully trapped the Winged Puma and Ray was seen as a hero again. However, Ray was startled and accidentally zapped a float of the monster.

Powers and Abilities

The Winged Puma could breathe fire and fly. He was also very large and therefore could destroy things like buildings with ease.