Wingul is a member of the Chimeriad and an antagonist in the 2011 video game Tales of Xillia. He originally was an enemy to Gaius, but later decided to join him.

He was voiced by Hidenobu Kiuchi in Japanese and English dubbed by Kaiji Tang.

In Tales of Xillia

While Jude and the others were chased by guards, Wingul and Presa got in their way and fought the party. Wingul can use his booster and become a savage fighter. During that time, he could only speak a language known as "Long Dau". At Fezebel Marsh, he and Gaius were viewing the war from far away. Wingul, Presa, and Jiao fought the party in an all-out battle, but later lost. During the Elympios's armies invasion, he and everyone else decided to work together with Jude's group to reclaim the castle and later, take out Gilland and stop the Invasion from Elympios.

After Gilland's death, he was informed about what Gaius and Muzet were up to and decided to help them. At the Temporal crossroads, Wingul had his final battle with Jude, Milla, and the others. In the end, he died after his booster went out of control.


Wingul has short black hair, pale skin, and wears a black robe. Whenever he's powered by his booster, his hair goes up and becomes white.

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