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Behold! It is I, Winslow the 38th! I'm big, I'm blue, and I'm bad! Kneel before me, you swine!
~ Winslow the 38th oppressing his subjects.

Winslow the 38th is the main antagonist of the CatDog episode, "CatDog 3001".


The episode begins with Cat trying to clean up Dog's mess to no avail, then Winslow appears and plans a trip to the beach, showing off his muscles. Cat makes fun of his macho-ness, and when Winslow threatens him, Cat picks him up and proclaims that he will always be nothing more than a puny little rat, then throws him back into his hole. Putting two donuts on a straw to form a small dumbbell, Cat advises Winslow to start exercising so that he can grow big, jokingly stating that it'll take an entire millennium before that can be possible.

Suddenly, Cat and Dog began disintegrating. This was the effect of a time-machine built by a descendant of Lola Caricola, who is the leader of a resistance force consisting of future descendants of Cat and Dog's friends. Believing Dog to be a legendary hero from a newspaper clipping (he actually got famous for eating hero-sandwiches), they summoned him from the past as a secret weapon against Winslow the 38th, a descendant of Winslow whose ancestor took Cat's advice. His training regimen passed on to his children until one became so large, he used his strength to become the dictator of the city.

While torturing subjects in his castle, Winslow is informed by his henchmen, who are descendants of the Greasers, of the location of the rebel HQ and their new secret weapon. As the resistance planned to send Cat and Dog back to the past so they can apologize to Winslow and thus prevent this dark future from taking place, Winslow and his minions attack and destroy the time-machine. Cat attempts to fix the machine while Dog engages the enemy. He defeats the Greasers, but gets hit by Winslow's "doughnut-gun". Enraged by this, Cat attaches his machine to Dog's and sucks up Winslow and his goons, defeating them.