Winston Kotter

Winston Kotter is the main antagonist of the Fillmore! episode "Immune to All But Justice". He is the son of the local Canada ambassador responsible for the creation and distribution of fake baseball cards in X Middle School.

He was voiced by Adam Wylie.


Being the son of the local Canadian ambassador, Kotter paid a visit to X Middle School during its Canada Cares celebration. He was first seen putting up an auction until a certain mishap occurred when the Safety Patrol were chasing down Kotter's bodyguard Jack Staples, who was caught smuggling something through the cafeteria. Kotter used his diplomatic immunity to vouch for Staples. Eventually, O'Farrell learned that Staples was smuggling counterfeit baseball cards and printing ink that were in Kotter's possession, prompting Fillmore and Third to head over to confront Kotter for his actions before leaving.

Deciding to take things up a notch, Kotter sends in Staples and several thugs posing as hockey players to attack Fillmore and Penny Madrid (who is Kotter's secretary) when they found more of the counterfeit stash. Fortunately, Fillmore and Penny escaped, and the former confronted Winston at the Canadian consulate before leaving. Unperturbed, Winston continues on with his plan by sending Staples to purchase several plates to print out the fake baseball cards. He then spotted Penny calling Fillmore, prompting him to take Penny prisoner in the school's natatorium. As Kotter gets his thugs to produce the baseball cards using a printing press inside the pool, he plans on pinning the blame on Penny to cover his tracks.

However, this was not the case when Fillmore and Third arrived to the rescue by taking down Staples and the other thugs, but Kotter traps Fillmore in a life float, boasting that he cannot stop him. Fortunately, Vallejo and the rest of the Safety Patrol arrived to the rescue and shutted down the printing process by filling the pool with water. As Winston and his thugs are taken into custody, he vows to have the entire Safety Patrol expelled, but Vallejo points that he can't use his diplomatic immunity to weasel his way out, much to Kotter's dismay.

It can be implied that Kotter and his thugs are taken into custody for their villainous actions.


  • Kotter is obviously a parody of Arjen Rudd from Lethal Weapon 2, as they both are corrupt foreign diplomats who used their power of diplomatic immunity to cover their crimes of smuggling.


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