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You trained me well, but you couldn't save me from the Red Skull. He turned me into an even better weapon than you are.'
~ Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier while fightning with Captain America, as well his famous quote

James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, otherwise known as the Winter Soldier, is a major antagonist-turned-anti-villain of Avengers Assemble. He is Steve Rogers' former partner and best friend who was turned into infamous assassin due to Skull's brainwashing. Upon breaking free, he decided to get revenge on his enemy for what he's done to him.

In his debut, he was voiced by Bob Bergen, who also voiced Marvin The Martian in Looney Tunes, No-Face in Spirited Away, Lama Su in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, one of the Friends of the Other Side in The Princess and the Frog, Snipes in Tarzan, one of Rourke's Mercenaries in Atlantis: The Lost Empire, one of the Wildebeests in The Wild, one of the Poachers in The Wild Thornberrys Movie, one of the Ghoulies in Ghoulies 3rd movie, one of Ruber's Minions from Quest for Camelot, one of Cavemen in Turok: Son of Stone and Ralph in Deep, h. His nightmare version in "Spectrums" was voiced by Roger Craig Smith, who also voiced Space Phantom in episode Ghost of a Chance, Grim Reaper in episode Thanos Rising, Radioactive Man in episode Secret Avengers, The Great Gambonnos in episode Cime and Circuses and Orka in episode Kingbreaker Pt. 1, Deidara and Raiga Kurosuki in Naruto, Warden Wrath in The Owl House, Garrett Bobby Fergunson Jr., Thomas/Nikolai, The Night Owl, No Rules Man, Doug Shablowski, Ybgir, Game Store Manager, The Urge and Internet/Streaming in Regular Show, Ripslinger in Planes, Ocean Master in Young Justice, Belson Noles in Clarence, Batman in Red Son, Curtis Miller in Resident Evil: Degeneration, Zagi in Tales of Vesperia, The Score Creeper in Unikitty!, Dark End in Stitch! anime, Biba Amatori in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, younger Master in MadWorld and Byaku in Kekkaishi while in Captain's flashbacks was voiced by Robbie Daymond, who also voiced Chrollo Lucifer from 2011 Hunter × Hunter, Toneri Ōtsutsuki from The Last: Naruto the Movie, Goro Akechi from Persona 5, Eight Brother from Star Wars Rebels, Raymond Boxman from OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes!, Alan Sylvasta from Brand New Animal, Gaelio Bauduin from Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS, Pinstripe Potoroo from Crash Bandicoot series, Norm from game Crash Nitro Kart and Gilthunder from The Seven Deadly Sins. In his final episode, he was voiced by Matt Lanter, who also voiced Klaw, Venom and Harry Osborn in Ultimate Spider-Man, Darth Vader in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Baylor Hotner from Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated.


James Buchanan Barnes is a tall muscular man with fair skin, dark brown hair and blue eyes.

During World War II Bucky's hair was cut short and he also wore blue military suit.

After his transformation into Winter Soldier, he became a little taller and more muscular than during WWII and his hair grew to the shoulders. He wears a uniform in two tones of grey with face mask of the same color and bulletproof gogles with green glasses, black gloves boots and black belt with pouches of the same color. He also has bionic left arm with red star to replace the one Barnes has lost during the end of war.

Nightmare version is similiar to Soviet assasin with exception of darker blue/lighter grey colors and red eyes. He's also larger than Captain America.

In his last appearance, his gogles glass changes color from green to red, his uniform now is dark grey with lighter colors on sides, light grey belt with pouches and he has fingerless gloves.


Thor: The Soldier of Winter wants forth for his country, now he would destroy it just to get Skull?!
Black Widow: Skull got inside his head and rewired things a bit... The hero soldier is gone.
~ Thor and Natasha Romanoff on Bucky's current behaviour

Before getting brainwashed, Bucky was patriotic, loyal and kindhearted soldier who would even die for his country. He was also good friend to Steve since childhood.

However, after getting brainwashed, he became the opposite that is: cold-hearted, ruthless and merciless killer who was loyal to HYDRA. He possibly still had some good as Captain America managed to aid him in breaking free. Yet he's keen on seeking revenge as he chased Black Panther to kill him after Steve's presumed "death" or when he tried to kill both Skull and himself while missiles were heading to cities, thus almost becoming copy of nazist.

Although Bucky could be truly evil, there might be still some good inside as mentioned earlier. It was evidenced when before fleeing he told Captain about time limit for unknown reason or when he was told some sense into by Iron Man as he was about to kill T'Challa. It's also shown that he still cared for his childhood friend as he wanted to "avenge" him by killing Black Panther.



Bucky's life before WWII is unknown besides that he was Steve's childhood friend and he became a member of U.S. Army. He was partnered with Robert Frank A.K.A. Whizzer and his best friend during that period of time.

He was believed to have died at the end of World War II while on mission with Cap to stop Red Skull altough it was revealed that he survived but was kidnapped by nazist, who then took him to Belarus to experiment on and brainwash him in order to make him HYDRA assasin.

Life as a Winter Soldier

Falcon: (to Widow) Do you know what happened to Cap's old partner?
Skull: (looking around nervously) Bucky--
Black Widow: He was Bucky before you got him. Cap thought he lost his partner in the war, but it turned out Skull
got his hands on him, did a number on his mind and turned him into a living weapon. The Winter Soldier. But it didn't go well. For Skull or Bucky. Cap blames himself
~ Black Widow on Bucky's transformation into Winter Soldier, also explaining Cap's self-blame

Barnes was used as a mercenary to kill anyone who deemed threat to HYDRA thus becoming a legend as the mysterious Winter Soldier till his confrontation with his ex-partner who managed to help him regain his memories and break free of HYDRA's control. While it worked, Bucky was horrified by what had he done and become which resulted with him to go into hiding thus causing Rogers to blame himself for being unable to save partner on time.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Season 3

S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy
Whizzer: (to Spider-Man) That's me and Captain America slugging some HYDRA punks back in the big one WWII.
~ Robert Frank/Whizzer telling Spider-Man/Peter Parker his adventures

Bucky made a minor appearance as Whizzer was telling Spider-Man about his adventures during World War II with Captain America and his sidekick.

Avengers Assemble

Season 2

Ghosts of the Past
Meeting after the years
Hmmm.... Hm... Partner
~ Bucky mocking Falcon for calling Steve partner

In modern times, he first appeared watching Cap and Falcon on mission to take down HYDRA soldiers before they blow hijacked S.H.I.E.L.D. armory up outside Seattle which could wipe out everything in 50 miles including themselves from afar. He later sarcastically repeated Sam calling Steve "partner" before leaving.

Breaking into the Avengers tower

Winter Soldier later hacked the Avengers tower's system to get in and after eavesdropping Iron Man and Falcon's talk he knocked down Tony by using taser coil (and later Thor, Hawkeye and Hulk with sleeping gas) after Sam left to get info about Steve's former partner from Black Widow who was interrogating Red Skull who's gone mad after escaping Thanos. Nat explained that Cap believed he lost him to the war but it eventually turned out that Skull got him and made him assasin which didn't go well for both Barnes and Skull which caused Captain to blame himself for that. Then alarm triggered by the hacker broke out forcing both Avengers to go out which Bucky took advantage of and kidnapped Skull while hijacking Avenjet to buy himself some time.

Confrontation with Captain America
Captain America: Just as I thought. This isn't a rescue mission. It's a kidnapping.
Winter Soldier: (coming to light) No. It's revenge.
Captain America: (preparing for a possible fight) Bucky, revenge isn't what--
Winter Soldier: Bucky no longer exists, thanks to Red Skull. There's only the Winter Soldier now.
(Skull speaks in German about Thanos' upcoming attack)
Captain America: He's not kidding. The end is near, and like it or not we need him.
(Cap comes to take Skull back but then Bucky holds his weapon at him)
Winter Soldier: Stay back. You may have been my friend at the war, but now... You're just somebody standing in my way
Captain America: Bucky... (hides his shield and holds his hands up as he tries to negotiate with him) Earth is under imminent cosmic threat. It's unlike anything we've ever faced and Skull has an information on how to stop it.
Winter Soldier: (unmoved by Cap's declaration) Don't care (shoots Captain causing his temporal unconsciousness)
(A train honking is heard from afar, Bucky grabs Skull and waits for it to arrive only to grab it.)
Winter Soldier: (face closeup) Next time it won't be on stun, Steve
~ Bucky getting confronted about his actions and motives

In the tunnel, Barnes is walking Skull at the gunpoint before pushing him remorselessly to the ground as Captain confronted him about kidnapping the criminal before correcting it's revenge. Steve tried to tell his old friend that revenge won't solve anything but James then said that Bucky is no more due to Red Skull's actions and that there's Winter Soldier only. Skull then said "Das ende ist nahe" (which is German "The end is near") and when Cap wanted to take him back the assassin held his weapon at his former partner deeming him as "somebody standing in his way". Despite the fact that Captain tried to peacefully negotiate with him, Bucky relentlessly shot him before grabbing Skull as the train arrived to climb on it. Then he called his drone/jet and as he was tying Nazi up to it, he was knocked down by Captain's shield as he caught up with them. That resulted in fight between them which put lives of many innocent citizens at danger. As Steve attempts to talk some sense to him, he got pushed by Bucky as he rejected Cap's plea before jumping on drone and using his weapon destroyed train tracks to slow his ex-partner down while daring him to save them while he couldn't save him.

Starting the missiles
(At the silo, Bucky comes to Skull who grunts nervously. He grabs him and handcuffs him to a missile)
Red Skull: James... Bucky...
(Winter Soldier notices a GPS tracker on Skull's neck and takes it off)
Winter Soldier: This tracer won't be any help to them (destroys it with his arm, then turns around to starting panel with helpless Skull watching) For
reasons I can't imagine Captain America doesn't want to see you hurt. So that I'll complicate his rescue attempt
(As the missiles are about to start, Winter Soldier comes to a rocket Red Skull is pinned to and using a magnet stands on it. His mask covers his face as missiles start)
~ Bucky activating the missiles

At the missile silo in New Jersey Winter Soldier pinned his archenemy to one of the rockets using magnetic handcuffs before noticing a tracking bug placed on Skull by Black Widow. He takes it off and destroys before going to start rockets while thinking out loud why Captain would try to save him. As the rockets were about to start, Buck came on the same rocket he pinned Skull to.

Second confrontation with Steve
(Captain chases Belarus-heading missile then notices Skull and lands next to him)
Captain America: Hold still (uses his shield to break one of Skull's handcuffs) The last time you and I flew above the Atlantic together, I took a long, nice bath. Hoping this goes better.
Red Skull: (notices Winter Soldier coming from behind) Bucky--
(Winter Soldier attacks Cap from behind and throws him to the back also grabbing his jet-pack. As Captain manages to not fall he sees his jet-pack being dropped by Bucky who then laughs evily and comes to the front of missile to tear its door and throw it at Captain only for him to shield himself. The missile then starts to fly down and Cap goes to the assasin who gets Skull inside the rocket)
Captain America: (running fast) Bucky, this isn't the way!
(Winter Soldier then attacks his former partner and hits him hard. Rogers managed to get on the ground with his shield vibrating)
Winter Soldier: You would
risk everything for him? Do you remember what he's done?!
Captain America: More than you know (throws shield at him only for Winter Soldier to throw it away and fights with him and manages to temporary take him down)
Captain America: What about the people in the cities where your missiles are headed? What did they do? (Bucky closes his eyes) This isn't you, Bucky.
Winter Soldier: I told you - Bucky is dead. Skull
made me into this. I didn't have a choice about what to become. He took that from me (looks around to see Skull trying to make his escape)
(Winter Soldier runs towards Red Skull to kill him but is stopped by Cap which causes all three to get inside)
~ Captain America fighting with Winter Soldier while also trying to talk some sense into him

As Avengers came in time to destroy the rockets, Captain managed to find one heading to the Belarus place where Winter Soldier was created with Falcon's help and got on the missile. As he tried to free Red Skull, he got thrown back by Bucky who then tosses his jet-pack away and throws a missile part at him but fails. He then questions Steve's attempt to save Red Skull despite all his crimes. Then they both got into fight, during which Avenger tries to talk some sense into his former partner about his actions. Winter Soldier replies that he had no choice before noticing scared Skull hiding into missile giving him chase only to be partially stopped by Cap.

Making escape
(Inside the missile, Captain still attempts to talk sense into his former partner)
Captain America: You always
have a choice. You do this. You're just completing the job Skull started: turning you into a villain (Captain gets attacked by assasin and fights with him until is taken down by mercenary)
Winter Soldier: You don't understand. You were turned into
a hero, I was turned into a monster
(Cap gets up)
Captain America: You need to let go. We can't let our past
poison our present
(Bucky's arm transforms into weapon and as he's about to kill Red Skull, Captain protests and covers him only for Barnes to make a huge hole in the rocket and is about to jump out)
Winter Soldier: This rocket is 27 seconds impact. You should let go now too.
(Winter Soldier jumps out as Cap calls out his name but then he uses glider in his suit to escape)
Captain America: (to himself) He knew there wasn't
enough time to stop that missile and save Skull.
~ Winter Soldier's last fight with Captain America before his escape

Inside the missile, Steven tells Bucky that he always has a choice and that he's becoming what Skull wanted: a villain. He replies that he has become monster while Steve is a hero. Steve then tells him to not let the past poison the presence, but as both he and Skull are about to be seemingly shot, Barnes tears a huge hole in the missile and as he's about to escape, he warns Cap about the time limit before jumping out and escaping using a glider suit.

Black Widow: You think Winter Soldier's gonna make another play for him?
Captain America: No. I'd like you to believe that he left part of his past
~ Cap to Widow about Bucky

At the end of the episode, Natasha ask Steve whether this could happen again but he replied that Bucky learned to let the past go.


Bucky's nightmare version was created when Doctor Spectrum while fighting Avengers decided to see whether Thor was the only one to be fearful before using Power Prism to make Captain America's worst fear to go into light: Bucky blaming Steve for his involvement in Barnes' transformation into HYDRA mercenary which resulted in fight until Steven accepted his guilt thus causing "Winter Soldier" to return to the Prism.

Season 3: Ultron Revolution

Saving Captain Rogers

James appeared in Steve's flashbacks as they've gone on mission to capture Baron Heinrich Zemo, but as they followed him into a HYDRA castle, Barnes got electrocuted by Nazi scientist and taken to the lab where he would be experimented on. However it was his son - Baron Helmut Zemo's work as he hypnotized Captain using regressive technique so that Avenger would find his father's lab and his work. Eventually, Bucky managed to help Steve break free which resulted in Cap returning to reality and fighting German scientist.

Season 5: Black Panther's Quest

The Vibranium Curtain: Part One

Bucky made his last appearance as he, alongside Avengers, was chasing rogue Black Panther as he was believed to be responsible for Captain America's death (though it was later revealed to ruse as Steve was absorbed by the crown and Princess Zanda in Natasha's disguise made it look like T'Challa murdered Cap). He eventually managed to defeat Wakandian king, but before he could kill him Iron Man appeared right in time and tried to talk some sense into the ex-assassin only to be rejected by Bucky as he blamed superhero for inability to "save" Steve thinking that he wasn't Cap's real friend as he was his friend. Tony then advised Barnes "to be his friend now and make a right choice" although he was warned to not dare to say that. Bucky then tried to murder Black Panther, but reminded himself of Captain and angrily allowed Iron Man to imprison T'Challa before walking away.

Winter Soldier's fate afterwards is unknown and whether he realised his friend was alive this whole time.


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