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Winter Windster is the boss of Shivering Mountains and is fought by Wario in the game Wario World. The Winter Windster's arena is a large irregularly-shaped block of ice with four small magma pools on it. The arena is surrounded by sharp spikes.

Boss battle

This very strange creature has a variety of attacks. The first is a blast of cold air, which will freeze Wario in his tracks, leaving him vulnerable for a bit. In his second attack, Winter Windster ducks into one of the lava craters in the arena and sends out pulsing waves of energy which will stun Wario upon contact. He also shoots energy missiles (the purple ones home in, the blue ones don't). His final attack is an "Evil Eye" attack. If Wario looks into the Winter Windster's eyes when they start glowing red, the Winter Windster will phase out into bursts of energy which fill Wario up, making him float over the spikes outside the arena. Quickly shake the Control Stick to regain control before he lands on the spikes. Wario must turn his back to the Winter Windster to avoid the attack entirely.

Throughout the entire fight, he drops explosive boulders from his cloud, which can squash Wario if they land on him. At any time, Wario can toss a boulder into one of the lava craters, sending out an explosion of lava that will knock the boss from the sky if it is over that crater.

Fortunately, all attacks (except the energy missiles and the Evil Eye) leave the boss vulnerable. Once he is near enough, quickly punch him to daze him, and then use a Mad Move on him. Five of these powerful moves defeat the Winter Windster and access to Beanstalk Way is granted.

Winter Windster is the first of the three bosses in Thrillsville, succeeded by Spideraticus and Red-Brief J.


The Winter Windster is mostly blue in color. His head is extremely large in contrast to his body, which is very small and skinny. His hair is textured similarly to that of a vine-like plant. His nose is dark red-violet in color.


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