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Wow... is awesome!
~ Final words before death.

The Wire Jamen is a minor antagonist in Mashin Sentai Kiramanger, being one of the two main antagonists (the other being a Jishiki Shellga) of the fortieth episode. He's is a wire-themed black body Jamenshi who serves Yodonheim, whose dark energy was used to release Jishiki Shellga.

He was voiced by Shuichiro Ohtani.


The Wire Jamen made his first appearance in Yodonheim as they were about to conduct an experiment by using this Illusia stone to transform any citizens into Jamen Beasts without the use of an Invasion Gate. He can do that once he's down to Earth disguised as a human, but to use this ability, he needs to transform into a human being with a hidden yet exposed wire.

Some time later, the Wire Jamen arrived to the said planet as the Bechats grabbed a couple of random citizens, but none of them were suited for this kind of experiment, and as he was about to leave, he was then ambushed by the arrival of the Kiramagers. Once the Bechats were eliminated, he makes a hasty retreat so the team chased after him. However ,once they arrived he somehow disappeared, prompting the team to split up and search for him. A little while later, Tametomo was still looking for him, and as he checks under the generator he finds the Wire Jamen disguised as Kiramai Blue, which he manages to use to escape in the confusion.

Later, the Wire Jamen disguises himself as a young artist named Calorie. who showed his artwork of a dragon to Juru. He then introduce this "workspace" and as well as his "friend" Saburo Hatta, the latter being his guinea pig for his experiment. A while later, they began to play a videogame and before long after, Saburo begans to transform into a Jamen Beast.

Back outside, he founds the sad artist and once his heart began to darken. the Wire Jamen used the Illusia stone on Saburo as he become the Jishiki Shellga, riding him into battle. After the destruction of the Jishiki Shellga (right after Saburo was saved) he was forced to give the Illusia Stone to Yodonna, only for him to be destroyed by Sparkling Phoenix.


  • The Wire Jamen is:
    • The first wire-themed monster since the Wire Org from 2001 TV series called Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.
      • However, Wire Org is based on a barbed wire rather than a regular wire.
    • The second Jamenshi to assume a human form, the first being Whac-A-Mole Jamen.


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