Wish-Demon was a malevolent wish-fulfiling demon released from the Darkhold - once released Wish-Demon began granting mortal wishes at will but always twisted them so that the most horrible scenarios would occur: it was defeated by the superhero team known as the Darkhold Redeemers.


When Sarrah Roberts used the Wishing Page of the Darkhold to gain confidence, the Wish-Demon appeared within her and exited through her mouth. It then ripped off the face of the handsome flight attendant that Sarrah had been interested in. Shortly after that, a hijacker pulled out a gun, causing panic. One man, named Billy, wished he were back home in Richfield, Iowa and the demon appeared, gestured and Billy smashed through the door of the plane and flew all the way to his home, crashing through the roof. On the plane, a woman named Babs wished her husband Herbert would make the demon would go away, so the demon grabbed Herbert and the two faded away. Sam Buchanan noticed that the demon was responding to wishes, so when the hijacker opened fire, Sam wished he would drop dead. The demon pulled the hijacker out of the airplane and Buchanan warned the passengers not to wish any more. One young man tried to wish that none of this had happened, but Sam stopped him, fearing they'd all be removed from existance. While Sam tried to think of a specific wish to stop the demon, the young man made a wish that there would be no more wishing. The demon responded by killing the flight crew, ensuring there would be no wishes because everyone would be dead. Sam questioned Sarrah Roberts, who told him the magic words used to summon the Other. Sam then wished that Sarrah had not said those words, which made the demon disappear, but did not undo the damage it had caused.

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