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Sabrina wish spirit

The Wish Spirit

The Wish Spirit is a villain from the obscure Belgian-Canadian TV show Sabrina's Secret Life. She is the ruler of Dreamland. 


Sabrina is tired of being bullied by Cassandra, so the spirit comes to her, telling her tha in Dreamland, you can make people do whatever you say. After Sabrina realizes that Dreamland is a trap for people to get tortured, the spirit gets angry and she tries to prevent Sabrina from resisting and being able to escape. She also tries to get Cassandra eaten by a dragon, but fails. Her fate is unknown.


At first, the spirit seems to be a kind, caring and happy being who has a way with words. She is eventually shown to be a very uncaring, nasty, callous, murderous and evil entity who kidnaps innocent and naive people who are sad, angry or under pressure and takes advantage of them. She is also shown to be an oppressive tyrant who rules Dreamland with an iron fist.


She is a purple ghost with purple eyes and a genie-like bottom half.


  • Her name is unknown, and may possibly be nameless.
  • Her voice actress is unknown as well.
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