The Witch is one of the evil roles from the mystery RPG game Town of Salem. The Witch wants to see the Town's defeat.


The Witch's goal is see the Town's defeat and survive until end of the game. They can win all roles, except the Town.

The Witches chooses two people every night, the first person will be controlled by the Witch and the second person is the target of the first person. So, the first person will use their ability to the second person. Also, The Witch will know the first person's role. The Witch has a basic defense barrier, so they can be protected from the basic attack enemies like the Serial Killer.

Killing Conditions

The Witches has no killing ability, but they can control the killing roles, so they can assassin to the people.

Winning Conditions

The Witches must survive and must see the Town's defeat for the winning. They can be team the all Mafia and neutral roles.


The Witches has the basic defense barrier, so they can be protected from the basic attack roles for once. But some roles can break the barrier and kill the Witch. This is the list of roles that can break the Witch's barrier and kill the Witch same time;

Type of Deaths

  • Werewolf: If the Witch visits Werewolf or the Werewolf visits the Witch, Werewolf will maul them, Arsonist will die.
  • Veteran: If the Witch visits a triggered Veteran, Veteran will shoot them and Witchwill die.
  • Bodyguard: If the Witch visits a person who also visited by the Bodyguard, the Bodyguard will kill Witch, however, the Bodyguard will die too.
  • Jailor: If the Jailor jails the Arsonist and decides to execute them, the Arsonist will die.
  • Arsonist: If the Witch douses and ignites the Witch's home, the Arsonist will burn.
  • Witch: The Witch can control a role that have the powerful attack and make them to kill Witch. And the Witch can control a powerful attack role to kill themself.
  • Jester: If the Witch chooses to guilty vote or to be abstain to a lynched Jester and if Jester decides to kill them, the Witch will die.

Investigation Results

  • Sheriff: Sheriff will get the result that the Witch is not suspicious.
  • Investigator: Investigators will get the result "Your target could be a Lookout, Forger, or Witch.".
  • Consigliere: Consiglieres will know their target is an Witch, they will get the result "Your target casts spells on people. They must be a Witch".


There are some achievements that can be earned by perform tasks. They are the achievements that dedicated to the Witch;

  • Occultist: Win 1 game.
  • Enchantress: Win 5 games.
  • Voodoo: Win 10 games.
  • Warlock: Win 25 games.
  • Double-Edged Sword: Force 2 Town members to die to a Veteran in a game.
  • Directing the Blade: Control a Serial Killer 5 times in a game.
  • Two Birds, One Stone: Make a Vigilante shoot another Town member.


As a young child, the Witch was used to being bullied. Everywhere she went, she was made fun of. Whether it was her abnormally large nose, her off-shade green skin, or just the fact that she carried a broom around wherever she went. The town had completely shunned her. She was banished to the far forests, left to her own devices... and her own magic. Throughout years of being completely alone, she had studied magic day and night, and, with the help of her black cat as a lab rat of sorts, she had learned to make people do whatever she pleased! With her newfound talent, she moved back into the town, taking up home under the guise of a regular townsperson. The Witch vowed to take revenge on everyone that had ever bullied her. That meant working with those who some may consider evil. To her, they were just allies… allies in the war on taking down the Town of Salem.
~ The Summer Solstice writing event provides a backstory for the Arsonist.



  • There is no the Witch role in the Coven Expansion role. But it can be assumed the Coven Leader is the Witch's counterpart.


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