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Witchblade is a friend of Lord Zedd's. Master Vile had stopped the Earth's rotation and time had gone backwards. The Rangers had been turned into children and could no longer access their powers. Master Vile eventually left, frustrated and Lord Zedd was back in charge. Billy had made a generator that would have reverted them back to their real ages, but he was the only one to use it, before it was destroyed by Rito and Goldar. The power coins were destroyed as well. Zordon had called on the Alien Rangers for help. The Alien Rangers had difficulty surviving Earth's drier climate. The kids had set off to search for an alternate source of power and Cestro was becoming weak.

Rita and Lord Zedd thought this was a perfect opportunity to dry up the Alien Rangers permanently. Witchblade stayed hidden as Blue Alien Ranger went searching for water. Witchblade came out of hiding and began pursing Blue Alien Ranger. Blue Alien Ranger ran across a lake as Witchblade fired at him. Witchblade was not doing well and soon the rest of the Alien Rangers arrive. Lord Zedd and Rita made Witchblade grow to giant size. Witchblade was confident she would destroyed the Alien Rangers, as a shield was placed by Lord Zedd and the Alien Rangers could not summon their battle borgs. But the Alien Rangers quickly figured out what was happening and summon the Shogunzords and formed the Shogun Megazord. Witchblade battled the Alien Rangers until she was destroyed.

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