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The Witches of Sin are the posthumous overarching antagonistic faction of the 2014 Japanese dark fantasy light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, as well as its anime television series & manga adaptations of the same name. They are frequently mentioned in various short stories, side stories, and video games.

The Witches were a collection of seven women who each represented one of the seven deadly sins and each had a power called a Witch Factor that was related to their respective sin. There was no proper cohesion between the Witches, who each followed their own whims and only interacted with each other every so often.

Despite not actively seeking to spread harm others, the Witches were responsible for numerous destructive rampages and disasters that earned them a reputation of terror around the world. Eventually, the Witches were hunted down and kill one by one by those who sought to stop the spree of calamities.

However, another widely believed account suggests it was one of the Witches responsible for the deaths of the others. The Witch of Envy Satella, the most powerful of the Sins, allegedly devoured the six other women and began a destructive rampage that destroyed half of the entire world.

There were two additional Witches who represented sins that were once considered part of the seven before being phased out. These two "old" sins, the sins of Vanity and Melancholy, were practically unknown to history and were unreported among the causalities of the Great Calamity. At the least, Vanity was confirmed to have survived Satella's rampage.


Carmilla of Lust

Main article: Carmilla (Re:Zero)

Carmilla warning Subaru about Echidna.jpg

The Witch of Lust, Carmilla, was a timid young woman who despite representing the sin of Lust had a complete disinterest in love. That being said she recognised the importance that love had on life and would help people realize the love that others had for them if they couldn't notice it themselves. Her captivating beauty was the catalyst for many conflicts where whole factions or even nations would war for the right to possess her.

The Authority of Lust, which was dubbed the "Faceless Bride," allowed Lust to manipulate the minds of others so that they saw her as whomever they loved. Additionally, anyone who laid eyes on her would be completely captivated by her to the point that they would forget anything else. Most people who met her would die as they would forget to breathe in her presence, although the Witch was hardly perturbed by this. She was eventually burned at the stake, although another claim suggests Satella devoured her. Her Witch Factor was inherited by Capella Emerada Lugunica.

Daphne of Gluttony

Main article: Daphne (Re:Zero)

Daphne explaining why she defended Subaru.png

The Witch of Gluttony, Daphne, had a bottomless stomach that always craved substance. It didn't matter what she ate, whether it was animals, furniture, or even people. She was a strong believer in survival of the fittest, citing that every life should have a fair chance at surviving, not just the sentient ones like humans. With her power, she was responsible for creating the man-eating monsters known as Mabeasts.

Aside from her ability to create mabeasts, the exact abilities bestowed by Daphne's Authority of Gluttony remain ambiguous. With the possible exception of the Witch of Envy, Daphne was presumably the most morally ambiguous of the Witches. She eventually starved to death in the Auguria Dunes, although another claim suggests Satella devoured her. Her Witch Factor was inherited by the siblings Louis Arneb, Lye Batenkaitos, and Roy Alphard.

Echidna of Greed

Main article: Echidna (Re:Zero)

Echidna reminding Subaru that learning everything was what she sought.png

The Witch of Greed, Echidna, had a thirst for knowledge that was never quenched regardless of how much she learned. In life, the bountiful wisdom she offered attracted many great men and women to earn her favor. Although the exact specifications of her Authority of Greed remain unclear, her mastery of all six magical elements was unparalleled save for possibly her apprentice Roswaal Mathers. Her body was eventually destroyed by the Holy Dragon Volcanica, although another claim suggests Satella devoured her. Her Witch Factor was inherited by Regulus Corneas.

Her soul inhabited the tomb she was buried in and she was able to interact with the living when they entered the structure. Additionally, as she had collected the souls of the other Witches supposedly devoured by Satella, those Witches were also able to manifest in the tomb. Eventually, by possessing the body of the half-elf Ryuzu Meyer, Echidna was able to wander the world once again in the present day. In this form, she brought along the other Witches in a necklace that contained their souls.

Hector of Melancholy

Main article: Hector (Re:Zero)

Hector notices Echidna's arrival.png

The Devil of Melancholy, Hector, was one of the two "old" Deadly Sins and was the only known male member of the Witches of Sin. Befitting the sin of Melancholy that he represented, Hector had a gloomy outlook on the world and disdained working in a similar way to Sekhmet. He detested many things, including violence and exerting himself, although he wasn't above committing himself to either if it furthered his goals. Hector's role in history has been nearly forgotten, with only a handful of individuals remembering his existence.

His Authority of Melancholy seemed to give Hector the capability to manipulate gravitational fields, allowing him to apply a crush anyone or anything that he wanted to. He had some sort of history with the Witch of Greed Echidna, which eventually broiled into conflict between the two of them. Alongside Pandora of Vanity, he was one of the two Witches who were not confirmed to have died during the Great Calamity, although as activity relating to Hector has not occurred since before the disaster, it can't be said that he survived passed the massacre.

Minerva of Wrath

Main article: Minerva (Re:Zero)

Minerva criticizing Subaru for his attitude.png

The Witch of Wrath, Minerva, cared about nothing more than healing the physical ailments of wounded or sick people she encountered in her travels. Excluding Satella, Minerva was the most dangerous out of the Witches of Sin and caused the most damage, although she never actually sought to. Despite her reputation, Minerva was caring and fairly compassionate towards normal people.

Her Authority of Wrath allowed her to heal a person's wounds by striking them with a part of her body. However, the damage healed would be distributed randomly somewhere else in the world. In other words, for every person she saved another random person in the world would die. Minerva was aware of this, but as she only cared about the wounds she could see in front of her, she never ceased her crusade. She was eventually trapped by a group of elves and driven mad, although another claim suggests Satella devoured her. Her Witch Factor was inherited by Sirius.

Pandora of Vanity

Main article: Pandora (Re:Zero)


The Witch of Vanity, Pandora, represented one of the two "old" Deadly Sins, namely the sin of Vanity. She had a distinct lack of empathy and was rarely seen to lose her composure. With her serene nature and unmatched otherworldly beauty, the Witch of Vanity was comparable to a figure of divine origin. Like Hector of Melancholy, Pandora's role in history was unrecorded and her relationship with the other Witches remains ambiguous.

Her Authority of Vanity allowed her to 'rewrite' events to her liking. With this tremendous power Pandora could resurrect herself, manipulate the memories and senses of other people, and teleport people to distant locations among many other things. Out of the Witches, Pandora was the only one confirmed to have survived the Great Calamity, and has since been involved with the Witch Cult that worships Satella as its leader.

Satella of Envy

Main article: Satella

Satella Long Shot opening.png

The Witch of Envy, Satella, was easily the most powerful of the Witches of Sin. Despite this, she was actually incompatible with the sin of Envy to the point that a separate personality formed when she tried to absorb her Witch Factor. Whereas one personality was fairly approachable, her alternate personality was the embodiment of Envy - possessive and remorseless. The capabilities of her Authority of Envy remain unclear, although she was also a capable practitioner of shadow magic.

One day, she began a ceaseless destructive rampage that resulted in the decimation of half of the world and reportedly the deaths of the six other Witches. As she could not be killed, Satella was imprisoned in a shrine at the edge of the world for all eternity. Her actions changed the course of history forever, and she was became considered the most evil individual to ever live. Four hundred years later, in the present day, the Witch summoned a boy named Subaru Natsuki to their world and bestowed a power on him that prevented him from dying. Although her motives remain unclear, Satella claims she did so because she loves him.

Sekhmet of Sloth

Main article: Sekhmet (Re:Zero)

Sekhmet introducing herself to Subaru.png

The Witch of Sloth, Sekhmet, was the very embodiment of the sin of Sloth. She was so lazy that she rarely did anything other than relaxing. She was considered the second most powerful Witch after Satella, and was apparently capable of defeating every weaker Witch simultaneously with ease. She was also the least dangerous to encounter by far and possessed the most common sense out of any of her comrades. Sekhmet was rather protective of the young Witch of Pride Typhon.

The Authority of Sloth allowed her to produce an invisible force field of sorts that was capable of crushing almost anything that stood in her way. She eventually fell from the Great Waterfalls to her death while fighting Volcanica, although another claim suggests Satella devoured her. Her Witch Factor was inherited by Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti.

Typhon of Pride

Main article: Typhon (Re:Zero)

Typhon's reaction to Echidna's speech.png

The Witch of Pride, Typhon, was a young girl with a naïve outlook on the world. The daughter of an executioner, Typhon judged and delivered lethal punishment upon those she deemed guilty. However, her youthful outlook on justice lead her astray, as she judged people as guilty even if they felt only a shred of guilt over something in their past that wasn't worth punishing. As judge, jury, and executioner, Typhon would conduct many massacres.

The Authority of Pride allowed her to sense who felt guilty and completely shatter the bodies of those who did. With her power, Typhon was considered the third most powerful Witch after Satella and Sekhmet. She was eventually trapped in the Watergate city Pristela and drowned by a flood, although another claim suggests Satella devoured her. Her Witch Factor was inherited by Stride Volakia, although he never displayed use of his Authority.


Banquet of Witches by Kenichiro Suehiro

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