New Boss: Wither! Better craft a diaper, pal.
~ The Pretty Scary Update promo poster on the Wither.
We know what you're doing down here! Soul sand and three wither skulls? You're building a Wither!
~ Jesse to Ivor about the Wither Storm (determinant).

The Wither, also simply known as the Wither Boss, is one of the main antagonists and optional boss of the famous video game Minecraft. It was originally the secondary antagonist and final boss (achievement-wise) of Minecraft, before the Illagers took the role in the "Village and Pillage" update. It is also theorized as one of the main catalysts (alongside Ender Dragon) of the game's events, as its cataclysmic actions may have caused the game's conflicts and is also known to be responsible for creating chaos in the player's world.

Superpowered variants, known as Wither Storms, serve as major antagonists in the 2015 video game Minecraft: Story Mode, appearing as the main antagonist of the first four episodes.

It is one of the most well-known yet deadliest hostile mobs of the game, despite being an optional boss only. It can also be fought optionally before or after the Ender Dragon fight. However, it is up to the player to fight them or not, but it is required to obtain the Nether Star.

The Wither is the second boss added to Minecraft. However, it does not spawn in any dimension, and actually has to be crafted by the player in order to be fought. It can be considered the boss mob for the Nether due to it being constructed of Soul Sand and Wither Skeleton skulls, items only exclusive in the Nether, making it the main antagonist of the Nether level.

The Wither also served as the main antagonist and boss in the two-part achievements, "The Beginning" in the Legacy Console Edition of Minecraft.

The Wither may occasionally appear as the main antagonist or the central antagonist in several Minecraft media, like mods, maps, fanfiction, videos, Let's Plays, web comics, story arcs, theories, and more.

In the Animation vs. Minecraft series, a spin-off to the Animator vs. Animation franchise, it is a major character in the AvM Shorts, appearing as an anti-hero in Season 1 and the main antagonist of Season 2.

It's sound effect was provided by the game's composer, Daniel Rosenfeld, otherwise known as "C418".


Normal Variant

The normal variant of the Wither, created from Soul Sand/Soil Soil and Wither Skulls, appears as a giant, floating, three-headed Wither Skeleton. Its left and right heads are smaller than the center head, and appear to either have their own necks or are stuck on the ends of its arms where its hands would be. Otherwise the Wither is limbless, with its bony body ending in a dangling spine below. When summoned, it glows blue with energy as it slowly regenerates its health before releasing a massive explosion, destroying everything nearby before flying off to attack anything it sees.


Normal Variant

The Wither is infamous for its high aggression towards almost any mob, even mere animals, as it will ruthlessly kill every single mob it sees with no remorse by shooting its Wither Skulls, expect for undead mobs such as zombies and skeletons.

Wither Storm

A Wither Storm's behavior is similar to a regular Wither's, but it is on the more cataclysmic and dangerous level due to its power. Though Ivor programmed the Command Block that was used for its creation to ensure that his Wither would obey him, it ultimately went berserk and caused destruction throughout the land as it ignored him. Ultimately, a Wither Storm is a primal living force of destruction that only exists to destroy everything until nothing is left.

In episode 4, Ivor revealed that his Wither Storm does not cause destruction randomly; when programming the Command Block that created the Wither Storm, he also programmed to have it follow the Order of the Stone's amulet, which explained why his Wither Storm followed wherever Jesse and his friends went.

Powers and Abilities

Normal Variant

The normal variant is a very tough boss mob with many abilities, which include:

  • Firing Wither Skulls which explode and deal major damage on contact. It has two variants: a weaker normal black variant, and a much stronger blue variant which can be deflected with a hit that it fires occasionally.
  • Flying around when it is above half health, allowing it to stay out of reach of swords, meaning only arrows can damage it unless a player sets up a bunker or ceiling beforehand.
  • Being able to destroy almost any block it touches, even obsidian.
  • When it is at half-health, it will drop down to the ground and can no longer fly, but in exchange it gains a shield that protects it from any projectiles, meaning only melee attacks can harm it in this stage.
  • Inflicting Wither Effect upon damaging a mob or player, an effect which slowly damages its target for a specific amount of time, and unlike Poison in Minecraft it can kill the entity it affects.

Wither Storm

A Wither Storm is a very powerful creature. It can gain far superior capabilities with the help of a Command Block. Its powers are:

  • Firing Wither Skulls which explode violently on contact.
  • Using a tractor beam, sucking in any mobs or blocks in it and inflicting them with Wither or Wither Sickness.
  • Using its many tentacles to break through obstacles (including Obsidian) and to attack from a distance.

Compared to a regular Wither, a Wither Storm's powers are so immense that it is more like an incarnation of the God of Destruction. Its Wither Skill projectile's firepower are far more destructive than a normal Wither's, and has developed the ability to project powerful tractor beam that sucking in any mobs or blocks in it, and inflicting them with Wither Sickness upon being devoured. A Wither Storm can also display God-like strength and durability, as its tentacles can easily break through Obsidian walls like a twig, even before it reaches its massive size, and is immune to conventional weapons. Its regenerative ability that comes from a Command Block used to create it is so potent that even after being blown into pieces with the Formidi-Bomb, a Wither Storm can eventually resuscitate in mere minutes as well as allowing some huge chunks of it to grow into entire separate creatures and take on lives of their own, which explained why two smaller Wither Storm can emerge alongside the original one. It means had Ivor's Wither Storm allowed itself to mutate several times with destructive weapons such as Formidi-Bombs whilst its Command Block remained intact, it would allowed the Wither Storm to overrun the whole world (which fortunately never happened).

In spite of the God-like strength that it possesses, a Wither Storm can actually be destroyed for good, as it has few weaknesses. It is true that it cannot withstand a Formidi-Bomb's explosion, and can be incapacitated by it, but using such a highly destructive weapon is not recommended as should it be blown into pieces with its Command Block still intact, the Wither Storm would just regenerate and split into three or more creatures. First thing that can delay the creature's advance is mutilation by Endermen. An Enderman's ability to dismantle and moving blocks causes rapid and significant harm on a Wither Storm, and an entire horde is enough to keep harming it that it cannot regenerate. The only thing that can destroy a Wither Storm as well as its bretherens is destroying the Command Block used to create it, with weapons that are enchanted with the same power with the Command Block itself being used in Story Mode.

A wither storm has another unique ability: its heads can pop out inside its body, as shown in Episode 4: A Block in a Hard Place, where Jesse went inside Ivor's Wither Storm, and two of its heads attacked him by popping out from the skin.

Summoning a Wither Storm

A Wither Storm can be created with the same materials and same fashion as a normal variant. The difference, however, is that the middle soul sand must be replaced with a Command Block that immediately functions as its heart. Once brought to life, a Wither Storm will at first have a typical Wither-like form, but once it assimilates any objects around it, it evolves into a floating behemoth with long, powerful tentacles, 3 heads, glowing purple eyes, and large teeth. At the end of episode 3, the failed attempt to destroy the Wither Storm created by Ivor caused it to evolve and separate into 3 pieces, 2 that bear resemblance to the original Wither Storm, and one with a giant head.




The Wither is one of the two main bosses in Minecraft, that was added in the 1.4 Pretty Scary Update, to expand the player's adventure in the game's Survival mode. It's achievement can only be obtained or unlocked after defeating the Ender Dragon. It can be summoned by placing 4 soul sands in a T- form, and adding 3 wither skulls on top of it (there is a 2x painting in the game that shows how to craft it). Once summoned, It will destroy anything in its path in the player's world.


Despite being the most powerful boss in the game, there are also strategies and weaknesses against The Wither:

  • Iron golems can also kill the Wither if it is in a closed area, if you manage to summon a Wither in a closed area, the iron golems is the best fighting machine for it, as its strength and power can damage the Wither so quickly.
  • Areas like the desert, or savanna, can be a perfect fighting place for the Wither, as it has no water or lava craters, or trenches. Most players primarily use bows many times to slowly deplete the Wither's health, as it is the easiest way to damage the Wither, and when it's healing armor is already seen and partially damaged, The player must attack it with a diamond sword and slowly repeat until the Wither is finished and killed.
  • Using enchanted golden apples during the Wither fight is also beneficial for health regeneration as you fight it repeatedly without being withered away so easily
  • The primary weapons for killing a Wither are bows and swords. The player can also use crossbows as an alternative while fighting it. These weapons can damage the Wither so easily and strategically, especially if it is enchanted.

Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode: Order of the Stone

When Ivor puts the Wither Skeleton Skull on top of the Command Block, Ivor tries to prove that he can defeat it, but the potion has no effect due to it not being the correct potion because either Axel or Jesse (depending on Jesse's choice when Axel attempts to take it) stole it earlier. Jesse throws the real potion, however, the Wither Storm covers the Command Block, causing the potion to have no effect.

The Wither Storm continues to follow Jesse and his friends as they head to Gabriel's temple, when they try to escape, it tries to capture Gabriel, but he is rescued by Jesse, but then both Gabriel and Petra and Jesse must choose to rescue one of them and once he makes his decision, he tries to rescue the other one but the Wither Storm knocks him into the nether portal.

Later, at the end of the episode, it appears at the sunset as a warning, and Lukas says, “Please hurry,” to warn Jesse and the others that the Wither Storm is coming for them, but didn't realize at the time that it was tracking Gabriel's amulet.

Minecraft: Story Mode: Assembly Required

The Wither Storm that Ivor created attacks when Jesse and Olivia/Axel try to get Ellegaard/Magnus, later they plan to destroy the Wither Storm with a Formidi-Bomb. If Jesse chooses to rest before heading to Soren's temple, the Wither Storm will catch up with them.

Minecraft: Story Mode: The Last Place You Look

The team attempts to destroy the Wither Storm with the Formidi-Bomb after receiving it, however, the Command Block was not destroyed in the process, allowing it to come back to life. To make matter worse, as the Wither Storm can multiply, some fallen pieces of it also regenerates and turned into 2 new, smaller Wither Storms. The team then flees to find another way to destroy it.

Minecraft: Story Mode: A Block and a Hard Place

The Wither Storms quickly track down Jesse and his friends, but when they meet up with Ivor once again, they flee to the Far Lands and receive a weapon that can destroy the command block. They manage to anger enough Enderman to tear a hole in the main Wither Storm.

After a long, hard battle, Jesse destroys the Command Block in the main Wither Storm, thus finally destroying all 3 Wither Storms. Although, from the victory, comes the great cost: aside many hostile creatures that were killed in its path of destruction, the main Wither Storm has left tremendous damage, caused the death of one of the members of the Order of the Stone (either Ellegaard or Magnus), and indirectly killed Reuben.


Withers appear as minor characters in the Gameknight999 series. In Battle for the Nether, they are mentioned as being generals in Erebus' monster army. In Gameknight999 vs. Herobrine, Gameknight creates a Wither to distract the blaze army so he and his friends can track down Herobrine.

Animation vs. Minecraft

In Season 1 of the AvM Shorts, the Wither first appears at the end of the final episode, "Cave Spider Roller Coaster". When the Cave Spider King has defeated the Fighting Stick Figures and is about to fight with the Second Coming, a Wither suddenly jumps out of the Nether Portal behind them, and fights with the Cave Spider King. The Second Coming drags his friends through the Nether Portal.

In Season 2, it's the main antagonist, but it doesn't really appear much and do much, and just is the most reappearing antagonist. It first appears in "Build Battle" as its secondary antagonist. When Green is building a bear, it accidentally summons a Wither. Green fights the Wither while the rest of the gang doesn't bat an eye and just check the builds. At the end of the episode, the Second Coming gives the award to Blue, before the Wither blows up the build and everyone else. It later re-appears in "Lucky Blocks" as the secondary antagonist. Yellow, possessed by an Orb, spawns multiple Withers to kill its friends. After the Second Coming gets a powerful sword, it kills the Withers in one shot.





  • In the Legacy Console Edition of Minecraft, The Wither is by far the most dangerous and if not, the most powerful boss in the edition, even more powerful and challenging than the Ender Dragon, and is sometimes considered as the main antagonist and true final boss of the edition, depending on the player's perspective. However the Legacy Console Edition is no longer updated as of now, as the game is now primarily focused on the Java/Bedrock Edition.
  • Many people view the Wither as the game's true overarching antagonist because the Wither is by far the most terrifying and deadliest of the hostile mobs, and it is only optionally fought in the final achievement of the game. The Wither's main ingredients are wither skulls and soul sands, this lead to an explanation that it is behind of all the events of the game's premise before humans disappeared. It is also seen in the chiseled red sandstone block, and many believe it already existed in the past, and the player is the only one who can summon and revive it again from the dead. Game Theorists made many possible explanations about the Wither's explanation. Since the lore is never mentioned officially by Mojang, their videos and the book Mobestiary shows the only explanation to how it existed in the game.
  • It's crime may be horrible than the Hostile Mobs but it only appears very short in the game and its role is completely optional and only appears in the game if the player builds it, while the mobs are spawned naturally and are also the biggest threat to the player themselves.
  • The role of the Wither is very optional when it comes to the gameplay of Minecraft, whether it is created by the player so that they can slaughter it and get the Nether star to create the beacon for their home and save the Nether, or only use it for experimental shenanigans. But it is required for the players to kill it in order to beat the game's achievements once and for all. The game is also nonlinear, so it can also be fought before the player fights the Ender Dragon.
  • When it comes to the achievements of the game, The Wither is the true final boss of the game, as its achievement is only unlocked by the defeating the game's main hostile boss mob, The Ender Dragon.
  • Although the game's lore was never officially mentioned by Mojang, common theories about the Wither is that it may be somewhat involved or connected to the events which caused the disappearance of the humans before the player's arrival in their world.

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