WizarDragon is the inner Phantom of Haruto Soma aka Kamen Rider Wizard in the Kamen Rider series, a type of monster that emerges from Gates, people with the potential to use magic when they fall into despair.


Winger WizarDragon

Winger WizarDragon

When Haruto Soma lost his parents at a young age, the feelings of despair gave birth to Dragon yet he remained in a state of inactivity until Haruto was taken for ritual that created the Phantom with the sacrifice of hundreds of Gates. However, though Dragon was close to ripping his host from the inside out, Haruto surpassed his inner Phantom's birth by facing his despair head on. Since then, with Haruto able to use magic and fighting the borned Phantoms as Kamen Rider Wizard, the renamed WizarDragon was forced to remain in Haruto's Underworld until summoned to fight other inner Phantoms into the Underworlds of other Gates. And even then, the Phantom refuses to directly obey Wizard.

However, when Haruto turned to him for help against a Phantom named Phoenix, WizarDragon accepts his plea on delightful whim upon that his power is the human's last hope, resulting in the activation of Wizard's Dragon Style forms.

During Legion's attack on Haruto's underworld, WizarDragon was destroyed protecting Beast Chimera and Haruto lost his powers. Despite this, Haruto kept fighting and his resolve to never give up and protect the hope of everyone he cared about created the Infinity Ring, resurrecting the dragon. Because his Gate used his own hope to revive him, WizarDragon was on friendlier terms with Haruto and became his weapon for Infinity Style, the AxCalibur, to defeat Legion.


  • WizarDragon is very similar towards Hollow Ichigo of Bleach;
    • They both are sealed inside the main protagonist whom they are an aspect of, who can call on their power.
    • They have no real alignment, attacking both good and evil.
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