The Wizard of Darkness, also known as the Immortal Wizard of Darkness, is an evil wizard with powerful dark magic and the main antagonist of Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards.

He is voiced by Toby Turner.


The Wizard of Darkness appears to be a tall figure who appears to tower over the other characters with a featureless face made of darkness (though if view closely he holds two pale white eyes). He also has a long gray beard reach towards his stomach. He also has having grayish hands and wears a black robe with red accents and holding a latch holding 3 human skulls, and has four large and two small shoulder horns while holding a shoulder-plating on his right arm. He is also holding a tall staff with a grayish-silver dragon's head at the top with red eyes and mouth.


Tobuscus, Gabuscus, Gryphon, and an incorporeal Wizard of Whiteness made it to the Wizard of Darkness' temple to confront him. Upon viewing his tower, Tobuscus believed he and his allies were automatically going to die simply because the Wizard of Darkness' temple looked intimidating. The Wizard of Whiteness tried to call the Wizard of Darkness with false persuasions, with Tobuscus stopping him. He refuted the Wizard of Whiteness' claims and simply ordered the Wizard of Darkness to show himself, which he does. Shortly after he appears, Tobuscus began belittling the Wizard of Darkness' appearance, such as not having a face but somehow having a beard, having red accents on his robe despite his 'darkness' motif, as well as having horns protruding from his shoulders. The Wizard of Darkness then threatened to impale Tobuscus on them, which Tobuscus also criticized on how the Wizard of Darkness was going to accomplish that. In retaliation, the Wizard of Darkness threatened to torture Tobuscus until the end of time. Tobuscus claimed he would refute the Wizard of Darkness' immortality by killing him. The Wizard of Darkness then threaten to shove the holy grail into Tobuscus' chest so he could not die so the Wizard of Darkness could resume torturing him by throwing him into the sun and find out how long it would take for him to reach the other side. Tobuscus continued to criticize the Wizard of Darkness' beard but no face and asked how he existed since the wizard is pure darkness and lacks a soul. The Wizard of Darkness revealed he had a human host maintaining his physical form. That person was Tim Tim, much to Tobuscus' shock. The dark wizard claimed as long as he was alive, Tim Tim, was no more. Tobuscus then revealed the dark wizard's birth certificate which confirmed the wizard's full name, "Immortal Wizard of Darkness". But Tobuscus erased the "Im", rendering the dark wizard mortal, much to his dismay. It then broke into a fight between the two, with Tobuscus emerging victorious and seemingly killing him.

As Tobuscus was receiving glory and applause from his fans, a voice identical to the Wizard of Darkness' announced it excitedly anticipated the next game where Tobuscus gets thrown into the sun, much to Tobuscus and Gabuscus' worry.


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