The Wizard of Ha's is the main antagonist of the Veggietales episode, The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's


The Wizard of Ha's owned a theme park. Darby wanted to go there, so he went there with the Scarecrow, Tin-Man and Lion. Once they are there, Darby met the wizard and paid him a lot. They all enjoyed the rides. Once they finished, the wizard told them there are more, but needs more payment and Darby does not have enough money anymore. The wizard revealed that he is not a wizard, but an ordinary person. He placed Darby in the dungeon. Later, Darby's friends went there to save him. Later, Darby went home and felt sorry.


The Wizard of Ha's appeared as Archibald Asparagus. He wears a mask with glasses and mustache, so that he won't reveal who he is. He also wears a ringmaster-like attire.


The Wizard of Ha's deceives people by making them waste money for just rides, because he wanted his business to be successful.


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