The Wizard of the West was a Marvel comics super-villain who became a one-time antagonist to the Old West hero known as Rawhide Kid, while active before the modern age of Marvel (predating traditional superheroes) he is still part of Marvel's expanded multiverse and thus one of the company's near-infinite lesser villains.


The Wizard of the West began as a common gun-dealer and robber in the Old West but would eventually stumble across alien technology, which he quickly mastered and used to arm his gang - with the new technology he was able to easily engage in daring raids and robberies that would otherwise be near-impossible.

The Rawhide Kid would fight against this new super-villain, who wanted the Rawhide Kid to join his gang but then turned on the hero when he refused to aid - still armed with superior weaponry the Wizard of the West was about to defeat the Rawhide Kid when the alien he had stolen from arrived.

The alien effortlessly reclaimed its weaponry and planned on taking the Wizard of the West to its home-world for experimentation due to his evil nature but the Rawhide Kid intervened and convinced the alien to allow the Wizard of the West to remain on Earth so he could be put to justice by his own people.

The alien thus left, taking the weapons with it and the Wizard of the West was taken into custody - his ultimate fate is unknown but due to the nature of the Old West it is likely he was either imprisoned or executed for his crimes.


originally the Wizard of the West had no superhuman abilities save for a gang of criminals who followed his lead but after obtaining alien technology he had:

  • steel-melting rifle (a rifle capable of emiting sufficient heat to melt steel (and presumably other metals).)
  • magnetic-pistol (a pistol capable of manipulating magnetic energies.)
  • disintegration-pistol (a pistol with enough power to vaporize entire cliffsides.)
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