Woden was a Wildsheer, a wesen feared above near all others as they were obssesed with fighting and hunting warriors. Because of this they were the only Wesen who hunted Grimms. Woden came to Portland, to kill Nick Burkhardt. 


Traveling into America, in Mexico, Woden killed several soliders, stole a car and traveled across America, towards Portland so he could Hunt the Grimm of Portland, Nick Burkhardt. Along the way he killed soliders, policemen and other officals, modern day wariors, fitting with his kinds mad rituals, he scalped the victims and turned there scalps into a coat of there hair, believing it would give him the power of those he killed, to prepare him for his fight with the grimm.

Arriving in Portland he first killed a highway patrol officer who gave case, and then scalped him. Then stalked a soldier and attacked him. The soldier tried to fight back, but he was just to strong. Finishing his coat he traveled to the woods, to carry on the ritual and there met up with two other Wildsheer who were there for the same purpose.

A few days later, the three Wildsheer went for Nick. Nick, who had been warned by Monroe, had been arming himself with Weapons from the trailer, and learned the the Wildsheers weakness was there hair. They tried to get to somewhere on there terms. But the Wildsheer attacked, the legend proving to be true there coats of hair made them invunerable to both Monroe and Nick's weapons, forcing them to resort to hand to hand. However Woden and the other Wildsheer proved to be stronger than the two of them (possing an even higher level of superhuman strength). They tried to regroup, only for a third Wildsheer to join the hunt.

Nick and Monroe where near defeated, Woden and the others went in for the kill, on for Monroe's father Bart to arrive and enter the fray. In the confusion Nick managed to lop of Woden (and the other Wildsheer's hair) killing them all.

However Bart warned that the Wildsheer were a harbringer of something much worse, exactly what has yet to be revealed.


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