Wolf's Owner

The Wolf's Owner

The Wolf's Owner is an unnamed antagonist in Disney's 1985 live action film The Journey of Natty Gann. He is a greedy dogfighter who was Wolf's owner until Natty rescues him.


After a close encounter with a group of railroad cops, Natty wanders in an unfamiliar town and enters a dogfighting ring, where she watches the violence in horror. Wolf kills his opponent and his owner glares at Bullwhip. Bullwhip is determined to avenge his dog and whips Wolf until he yanks it out of his hands and manages to attack him. Natty helps him to escape and is punched by Bullwhip as he and the other dogfighters chase after him.  She returns to sleep in a train car at the depot, and finds Wolf hiding there. Natty quickly moves to an empty car, but leaves a scrap of food behind and they eventually become friends.

It is possible that he was arrested for animal cruelty.


  • He has been rumored to be Beauty Smith, but he is not and Wolf is not White Fang, as the story is completely different from Jack London's novel of the same name.


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Wolf's Owner
Wolf's Owner

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