Wolf is the father of Barry and Simon, the best friend of Fox, the neighbor and enemy of Rabbit and the main antagonist of the 2001-2002 British-Canadian TV series Don't Eat the Neighbours. Wolf has blue fur and wears a black leather studded jacket, jeans, a red t-shirt and platform shoes.

Wolf used to live in Canada, raising his two young sons Simon and Barry single-handedly (after his wife left him for another wolf), until they were banished by The Brotherhood of Wolves.

Wolf and his sons then relocated to a forest in England and became neighbors with Rabbit, his daughters Lucy and Emily and son Peter.

Throughout the series, Wolf, along with his friend Fox, tries to catch and eat Rabbit.

Unlike their father, Simon and Barry are friendly and are best friends with Lucy (whom Barry has a crush on), much to both Wolf and Rabbit's dismay.



  • He was voiced by the improvisational comedian Michael McShane.
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