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Always panicked Ulf better known as Wolf is a one of main characters and playable characters in Payday: The Heist and Payday 2.

He is one of members of Payday Gang and technician.

He is voiced by Ulf Andersson.


Born in Sweden, he was a law-abiding citizen for 32 years. He has a wife and two children. He lived with his family in Stockholm until an economic crisis occurred in the 2000s. His software company lost many customers, continuing to work with only one who was afraid and delayed its payments. He took a loan to reassure the client and keep the project afloat, but the client had already refused his services. The company went bankrupt, and his family became homeless.

This led him to a nervous breakdown, and he began to behave like different criminal heroes from films that he had previously watched, but had never remembered until that moment. According to Bain’s biography from the second part of the game, he is “a touched person who has everything seriously mixed up in his head,” who, as a psychopath, can be carefree and happy in one minute, and immediately overwhelmed with anger in another. It refers to robberies, as, in a way, the game in which it plays. However, the team speaks of him as a reliable, not slow, and not regretting person.

He started wearing a red and white mask.

After the dissolution of the PAYDAY gang, Wolf traveled with Dallas on a yacht for a while. But soon he became bored, and he returned to Sweden, where he went underground. More from him, neither hearing nor spirit. The demolition technician said he decided to “dump” (secret, good ending).

In FBI Files

For his affinity for explosives and capability with hardware, we consider this one to be the Technician in the group. Further, study by our profiling teams in Behavioral Analysis suggest that “Wolf” could be psychotic, as evidenced by his sudden shifts of mood.

From the few corroborated accounts we have, “Wolf” does not appear to be a US national. His voice carries a distinct Scandinavian accent, suggesting he is Norwegian or Swedish.

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