The U.S.S. Delta Team, also know as the "Wolfpack", are the protagonist-villains in the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

They are special-forces unit that serve Umbrella Corporation.


In late 1998 the Wolfpack helped HUNK in aquiring the G-virus from William Birkin.

A week later there was an outbreak in Raccoon City of the T-virus. Umbrella send the Wolfpack to contain the situation and eradicate all evidence that ties the corporation.


  • LUPO (Karena LesProux) - Assault; Team Leader.
  • VECTO (RReal name: Classified) - Recon.
  • BERTHA  (Michaela Schneider) - Medic.
  • SPECTRE  (Vladimir Bodrovski) - Surveillance.
  • FOUR EYES (Christine Yamata) - Field Scientist.
  • BELTWAY (Hector Hivers) - Demolitions.



  • In the game the player can only choose four of the six members for their team.
  • There was a previous U.S.S. Delta Team before this squad but it was wiped out by leeches.


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