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Wolfram is a supporting antagonist in the Spawn Comics.


Wolfram is a vampire and he serves heaven but only loosely follows orders.

Wolfram attempted to abscond with a stripper into the night at one point. When Sam Burke and Twitch Williams  inadvertently walked into the club as he was making his escape, they gave chase. In the alley, he dumped the dead body and began an investigation from the New York City deparment.

Wolfram later attacked Spawnin the Dead Zone where his powers would not work. However, Boots stopped Wolfram and reminding him their orders were not to kill in the Dead Zone and that Heaven has plans for him. Simon Pure tracks Wolfram down and decaptiates him. Ab and Zab asks his still living on how to stop the kingdom.

Powers and abilities

Wolfram as a vampire possess superhuman,strength,speed,and stamina plus durability as well as the ability to shape shift.

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