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Can you hear me, Professor? Of course you can. What else is there for you to do than sit at your radio and pray for salvation? I should have sent you to the camps when we first met. It makes my skin crawl to even breathe the same air as you. You were my greatest mistake, but one I can still correct. So go on, play your games, do your worst. Those soldiers who are helping you are braver, finer people than you could ever be. And still, they will die like dogs. One by one. And as they do, I shall savor the pain it brings to that soft, degenerate heart of yours. Yes, professor, I will make sure you die last. The world I usher in will have no place for your kind. Only the strong. The pure. A world cleansed by fire will suit me well. You are but the kindling.
~ Von List's message to Professor Krafft.
Do I have your attention now, Herr Professor?
~ Von List to Krafft after killing Franz.

Oberführer Wolfram Von List is a major antagonist of Call of Duty videogame franchise. He serves as the secondary antagonist of Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies mode.

He is a Nazi officer who made an alliance with the Dark Aether lord Kortifex to help him take over the world, in exchange, the deity gave him an army of undead to win the war.

He is voiced by Kaiser Johnson, who also played Daniel Fabron in Resident Evil: Resistance.


Desperate to win the war, Germany sought any means they could assure an Axis an victory, even with supernatural. Oberführer Von List gathered many archaeologists, historians and museum curators to find the mysterious artifacts of Dark Aether with his SS battalion, Die Wahrheit. One of them was Professor Gabriel Krafft, a demonlogist at the University of Leipzig. In 1939, Von List arrived at the university and met Krafft, with his assistant Franz, the officer offered him to resign and work for Die Wahrheit. After Krafft refused, Von List killed Franz to give him an attention.

Die Wahrheit then brought those he had gathered together in an SS prison, and stated that he would help them to find many mythical objects. Still, the professor refused to serve Reich and their twisted plans, Von List then dragged his spouse out of his house and put her in an prison, then he gave Krafft one last chance; either serve him, or his wife gets the penalty. Krafft eventually accepts it, and helped Die Wahrheit to find several artifacts which were related to Dark Aether, one of these is related to Kortifex the Deathless, the Lord of the dimension.

These artifacts would end up in the hands of Von List, who had researched on them to further discover Dark Aether. In 1944, the research group Projekt Endstation breached the Dimensional Membrane between the Dark Aether and their world through use of their cyclotron. This resulted in the Dark Aether Artifacts activating, including the one in Von List's possession. Kortifex, seeing a heart as evil as his, would then bond with Von List through the Artifact. Von List would discover that Kortifex had shared with him the power to raise the dead back to life, leading him to travel to Stalingrad to resurrect the dead soldiers from the war. There, he led an army of the dead with which he could march across Europe. Krafft finally betrays Von List and sent a distress call to the Allies who sent in operatives to fight Von List's army. There, they would be trapped in a containment spell by Kortifex and forced to fight Von List's undead army.


Ultimately, Von List failed turn the tide of the war and left. Decades later and during the Cold War, Omega Group Colonel Lev Kravchenko would recall Von List during a conversation with his great-nephew, Hugo Jager.


This is Oberführer Wolfram Von List, commanding officer of SS Battalion Die Wahrheit. I am broadcasting on an open channel to the soldiers assisting Professor Gabriel Krafft. I am not sure why you answered his cry for help. Surely you know by now if you continue to oppose me I will eventually kill you all. But it does not have to end that way. I am asking you to reconsider your mission. It simply makes no sense. The man you are helping is... hardly a man at all. He is a traitor who cannot be trusted. He once served Die Wahrheit, do you know this? It was he who made possible my union with Kortifex the Deathless. There would be nothing for you to battle here, had that little demonologist not lent me his expertise. This is really all his fault, if you must point a finger. And now he expects you to risk your lives just to undo his mistakes? This is the very definition of a fool's errand. But you can still withdraw. Stop helping Krafft and I will allow your retreat. Continue aiding him, and you will all die horribly. And, after that, you will take your place in my army of the dead.
~ Von List's proposal to Kraft's soldiers.
Professor, it is time to bid your toy soldiers auf weidersehen.
~ Von List to Krafft.
Stop this outrage, Kortifex! This theft cannot be allowed!
~ Von List to Kortifex.
I had a feeling you would try to use the Sin Eater. I'm afraid it is you who'll be devoured.
~ Von List's comment on the Sin Eater.
So you've come here to die? My legions will devour you.
~ Von List.
Fools! You are but sheep in the lion's den!
~ Von List boasting.
I shall enjoy watching you die. It will break the professor's degenerate heart.
~ Von List taunting the player.
More soldiers! Rise up! Stop the theives this instant!
~ Von List summoning more zombies.
You have made a blood enemy of Oberführer Wolfram Von List. Good luck with that.
~ Von List after getting defeated.
You think you won something? Only my undying hatred!
~ Von List mocks the player.
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