The Wolfy Kids, individually known as Howler, Rip, and Kevin, are a trio of antagonists (but sometimes an anti-heroes) in the second season of the PJ Masks animated series and book series of the same name. They are lycanthropic children who cause trouble in the city, steal any vehicles, marking their territory and also creating dens for themselves.


Howler, Rip, and Kevin, affectionately known as the Wolfy Kids are werewolf half humans who were causing trouble with the aim of taking over the city, the vehicles and anything else they fancy! They are silly but threatening buffoons with comical banter but influenced by the moon they have the traits of wolves, marking their territory, creating dens, combined attacks and transformation.


Both Howler and Rip are hostile and antagonistic towards the PJ Masks. But, Kevin sometimes acts friendly and nice towards the PJ Masks, because he does not really want to be mean as shown in "The Good Wolfy". Howler and Rip dislike his forgetfulness on what they have planned. Both Howler and Rip also with argue each other sometimes.


Howler's daytime appearance is unknown, but in nighttime, he appears in werewolf form along with Rip and Kevin. He has dark gray spiky hair with two white streaks in the front, sideburns, violet eyes, and claws on his fingers and toes. He also wears a black jacket over a red shirt and blue jeans.

Rip's daytime appearance is unknown. In nighttime, she also appears in werewolf form. Her hair is colored dark magenta with lighter tips. She has magenta eyes and claws on her fingers and toes. She also wears a black jacket over a yellow shirt, gray plaid skirt and red-and-black striped stockings.

Kevin's daytime appearance is unknown. In nighttime, like Howler and Rip, he also appears in werewolf form. He has cyan eyes but are not seen because of being covered by his dark purple shaggy hair. He has claws on his fingers and toes, and wears a black-and-teal jacket over a black-and-white striped shirt and dark gray jeans.


  • The Wolfy Kids are the fourth trio villains to appear in the show.
  • Rip is the only one who never drove one of the PJ vehicles.
  • The Wolfies are the only villains who haven't tried to kill the PJ Masks.
  • Like Catboy and Gekko, they run on their legs and hands like animals.
  • In the PJ Masks episode "Easter Wolfies", thare is a hint that they are shown to have an uncontrollable candy addiction.
  • Their debut can be foreshadowed when Greg mentions werewolves in the episode "Moonstruck: Race to the Moon".
  • They are similar to werewolves in classic horror films, they remain mostly human, but with fur, fangs, claws, etc.
  • They are the second, third, and fourth villains to be on Mystery Mountain.
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