The wolves are the main antagonists of the 2010 thriller-horror-drama film Frozen, directed by Adam Green.


This wolf pack lives in a New England forest near the (fictitious) ski resort of Mount Holliston. During the night of a winter Sunday, the wolves target two friends Joe Lynch, Dan Walker and his girlfriend, Parker O'Neil, who were stuck on a cable car due to a distraction by the cable car attendant. Initially, only one wolf (probably the pack leader) attacks Dan - who, in an attempt to call for help, threw himself out of the seat with the only result of breaking his legs -, but is put to flight by Parker, who scares him throwing him on his snowboard. Shortly thereafter, the whole pack breaks into the place and assaults the terrified Dan, tearing him to pieces and devouring him.

The next day the wolves return to the attack, this time attacking Joe (managed to get off the cable car without suffering serious damage), who defends himself by injuring one of them with a ski racket, and then flees in search of help with the snowboard . The wolves chase him and join him shortly after, killing him too. When Parker later manages to escape from the cable car, wandering through the woods, she encounters wolves, intent on feeding on Joe's corpse. Committed to feeding on their prey, the wolves decide to let it go, while one of them stares at it for a long time and then joins its companions in the meal.

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