The Wood Spirit is a ghost from "Spirit on the Slopes", a short story from The Ghostbusters Magazine Winter 1990. According to local legend, on the mountain that would become the ski resort Haunter Mountain, the woods were haunted by wood spirits. All spirits should have left when the woods were cleared to make way for the skiers, but one remained. The spirit was causing mischief on the slopes. The Ghostbusters tried to catch the spirit by skiing, but it was too fast for them. Then it grabbed a pair of skis and headed down the advanced slope. It escaped the Ghostbusters capture at the bottom of the slope. They later set a trap in the ski lodge, thinking it would go for some hot chocolate, like most skiers do. Sure enough, it bursted into the lodge, causing havoc and stopped to drink hot chocolate. The Ghostbusters opened the trap and captured the wood spirit.