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If it weren't for that bitch queen and her brats, I would and could be patient. Never trust a dark elf the old saying goes, for you cannot read truth in their eyes. If Barenziah has her way, Helseth will be heir and Elysana will be married off to some far-off kingdom. Morgiah is already promised to the heir of Firsthold, but they keep her around to spread the poison against Elysana, and especially, me. Barenziah doesn't trust me, this I can tell. I will deal with her just as I did with Lysandus. The fool should have agreed to support me. Gortwog and his orcs almost saved him. I'll deal with those sub-humans once I sit upon the throne of Wayrest.
~ Woodborne's diary entry, revealing his sinister scheme.
You have been a thorn in my side for a long time now. A wiser person would have let sleeping kings lie. Especially when I have gone to such great lengths to kill them. Yes, I killed King Lysandus. And now it will be a pleasure to slay you. En garde!
~ Woodborne when confronted by the Hero of Daggerfall.

Lord Woodborne of Wayrest is the main antagonist of the 1996 RPG, The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.



The plot of Daggerfall centers around the player being given a quest by the Emperor, Uriel Septim VII, to deal with the spirit of the deceased King Lysandus, whom had allegedly been killed on the battlefield. His ghostly army haunts the city of Daggerfall at night, and he is known to scream the word "Vengeance!"

Lord Woodborne is a powerful noble who resides in Wayrest. He had assisted Lysandus during the War of Betony, which ultimately resulted in Lysandus being killed on the battlefield. Afterwards, Woodborne became bethrothed to Elysana, Princess of Wayrest.


You soothed my rage. I do not seek to be placated; I seek vengeance upon he who slew me. If you'll truly lay my spirit to rest, be the instrument of my vengeance against Lord Woodborne of Wayrest.
~ Lysandus revealing the true murderer and traitor of the Empire.
Late in the game, the player confronts Lysandus' ghost by sprinkling the Dust of Restful Death on his corpse, and he reveals that he was in fact deceived and assassinated by Woodborne, and not slain honorably on the battlefield. The player learns that the only way to put Lysandus' spirit to rest is by taking care of Woodborne.

The Final Quest

I am... done in. It is up... to... to Gothryd now. May you... rot in hell. I most... certainly shall.
~ Woodborne's last words.
In the final quest of the Lysandus storyline, Lysandus' Revenge, the player can either find Woodborne and murder him in his castle, or find his diary that reveals he is planning to assassinate the king of Wayrest, King Eadwyre and reveal it to neighbouring rulers, exposing his scheme and condemning him to humiliation and punishment. After this, Lysandus' spirit is put to rest, ending the threat once and for all.


  • Despite being the main antagonist, there's plenty of quests left after Woodborne has been defeated. This is because his death marks the end of the main Lysandus storyline only.
  • Due to a bug in the game, Woodborne might randomly generate as a female knight during his confrontation with the player.


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