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Woody Johnson Inc. is a minor villainous organization in Brickleberry. It is a massive line of factories led by Woody Johnson, which produce only carbon dioxide and norhing else. Its sole reason for existing is to increase global warming. It appeared in "Global Warning".


In "Global Warning", Woody Johnson got sick and tired of listening to Ethel Anderson berate him about the dangers of global warming, which he did not believe existed, so Woody decided to spite Ethel by purposefully doing all of the things he's not supposed to do, increasing the chances of global warming. One of the things he did was build a massive factory called "Woody Johnson Inc.", which did not make any products at all, only carbon dioxide, which he claimed to be the company's sole export. Woody Johnson Inc. caught the attention of FOX News, which reported on the company and asked all about it. Woody explained on the news that he founded Woody Johnson Incorperated because he wanted to prove to Ethel that global warming was a made-up conspiracy theory and that it didn't really exist. However, Bill Nye came onto the news to warn Woody that his corporation is causing detremental damage to the ozone layer and showed him a radar machine that had a needle in the yellow zone, which was edging dangerously close to the red zone. Bill Nye stated that if the company kept producing carbon dioxide, the needle would bowl over into the red zone, having an unknown effect on the world, but Woody didn't listen to a word he said and just insulted and mocked him. With that, Woody let the company continue producing carbon dioxide until the needle went into the red zone. Shortly after this happened, an armade herd of Alien Cows came to earth and announced that they'd been waiting for the world to be polluted by enough carbon dioxide for their warm-blooded species to be able to thrive on earth. At first, they were planning to have their earthbound cows heat up the planet with their farts, which would have taken 71,000,000 years, but thanks to Woody Johnson, Inc. this process was massively sped up, allowing them to colonize the planet way ahead of schedule and kill all the humans so that cows could have supremacy over the entire planet and cause the apocalypse.


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