Hey, Doug, open up! We got your latte!
~ Woolter bringing a latte for Doug.

Woolter is one of the supporting antagonists in Disney's 55th animated feature Zootopia. He is a large ram with very dark wool who works for Bellwether alongside Doug and Jesse.

He was voiced by John DiMaggio, who also played Jerry Jumbeaux Jr. and Jesse in the same film.


Woolter and Jesse arrive at Doug's lab-converted subway car to deliver a latte to Doug. Just as Doug demands to know if the latte has extra foam, Judy Hopps suddenly shoves Doug out of the train car, locking the three rams outside. Upon realizing Judy and Nick Wilde are stealing the train car, Woolter and Jesse give chase to the moving train car and climb onto it.

Trying to get into the conductor's room where Judy is driving, Woolter breaks in through the roof and charges at them, but instead rams his head against the door, which is quickly locked by Nick, leaving a large dent in it. Woolter repeatedly rams the glass, trying to get at Nick. Getting increasingly frustrated, Woolter charges again at full speed and Nick opens the door quickly, resulting in Woolter accidentally ramming Jesse, who was trying to grab Judy from the train window (apparently stuck as he was trying to break into the train), off of the train car. Woolter also lodges himself stuck in the train window, briefly falling unconscious, with Judy clinging onto his horns while Jesse leans against the wall to avoid being run over by the car.

As Woolter regains consciousness, he notices Judy hanging on to his horns and immediately shakes her off, sending her flying onto the roof the train car. He then proceeds to try to free himself from the window until he notices Nick driving the car and punches through the glass of the window next to him to get at the fox. As another train is about to collide with them, Nick speeds up the train car at Judy's urging, and Woolter, noticing the other train coming, panics and pleads for Nick to stop the train. As he continues panicking, Judy kicks him off of the train car and he lands on a track switch, changing the train car's direction. It's completely unknown what became of Woolter afterwards, but it's likely that he was arrested by the ZPD after Bellwether's plot was exposed, though it could be possible that he could have also flee from Zootopia before that could happen.



  • Woolter's name is a reference to the title character Walter White played by Bryan Cranston in the crime drama series Breaking Bad.


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