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You're becoming hysterical.
~ One of the Working Joe's before killing Bartholomew Hughes.

The Working Joes are the secondary antagonists of the 2014 horror game Alien Isolation.


Unlike the advanced androids created by Weyland-Yutani, which are almost indistinguishable from regular humans, the Seegson Working Joes possess hairless rubber skin and lacking facial movement. While most of them wear a blue jumpsuit, those working at the Sevastopol reactor core and the APOLLO core wear plastic Hazard Suits, those also being significantly more durable than their regular counterparts. Their glowing LED eyes change color depending on their hostility level, being white while passive and red while aggressive.


The Working Joes completely lack independent thought and only follow the programming applied to them by the APOLLO A.I., which controls every single Working Joe on Sevastopol Station. During the first half of the game, the Working Joes mostly remain in their assigned positions and maintaining the essential functions of Sevastopol. They will ignore or assist any humans they come across, provided said human is not violating station protocol (such as entering a restricted area) or deemed a threat to the Xenomorph. Should these parameters be met, the eyes of the Working Joe will turn red and all Joes in that area will attempt to kill the offending human, then return to their regular routine.

The Xenomorph and the Working Joes are not inherently hostile to each other and will ignore one another during regular gameplay. While the Working Joes ignoring the alien is explained by them being under special orders from APOLLO to protect it from harm, but the alien ignoring them in-kind is presumably because it views them as simply machinery and thus not a threat. Though dismembered Working Joes found in the Gemini Exoplanet Solutions lab module suggest that it does attack them under certain circumstances.

Following the human's successful attempt at launching the Xenomorph into the nearby gas giant, APOLLO deemed all remaining humans on Sevastopol a threat to the hive located in the reactor core, causing all Working Joes to abandon their posts and go on a murderous rampage.


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  • It was originally planned to have the Joes quote lines from Shakespeare in a malevolent manner, and this dialogue was even recorded for the game. However, it was ultimately decided it didn't fit with the game world and was cut.
  • One of the Working Joe's many animations when standing still is one in which the Joe suddenly begins jogging on the spot for a second. This odd mannerism is a direct reference to the movie Alien and the character Ash, who does the same thing. Ash in turn uses some of the Working Joe's idle animations in his depiction in the game.
    • Similarly, in Seegson Synthetics, a dead body that is later identified to be Smythe can be found with a rolled up magazine down his throat, presumably done by a Working Joe. This is another direct reference to Ash as he attempts to kill Ripley in the same fashion.
  • Although they do not appear in the original print novel, Working Joes are mentioned numerous times in the audiobook version of Alien: Out of the Shadows. For example, when describing the nature of Ash to the crew of the Marion, Ellen Ripley says that the Science Officer "was not just a Working Joe, he was totally flawless, took us in".
  • The Weyland-Yutani corporate security drones appearing in the comic Aliens: Defiance are cosmetically very similar to Working Joes, although unlike Joes, these androids appear to possess their own personality and individuality, with at least one, Davis One, claiming to have broken free of his programming.
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