Worley the Weasel


Worley (also known as Worley the Weasel) is the main antagonist of the Danger Rangers episode "The Great Race".

He was voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz.


Worley is a teenage weasel who is behind having money for a race car. He takes advantage of other kids' same desire by holding some kind of unsafe race. He tells them no wheels and to choose their own route, and not to tell anyone (or they will be disqualified). Unfortunately, this causes the kids to cross busy streets and get stranded for their own safety.

Eventually, Worley and his gang have bought the car after having "won" the race by cheating. They cannot get a refund, and therefore cannot return the money, even though the Danger Rangers say so, so they plan on supervising a race.

Worley has his gang put up deceiving signs to get the kids in front of Worley to go the wrong way so he can go first. Thus, Ranger Gabriella pays an entrance fee to join in. She flies racing against Worley, much to his dismay. He accuses her of cheating due to flying (which is easier), but the rules had not said no flying, only no wheels.

For having cheated, Worley and his gang are sentenced to community service of learning how to be traffic boys at a school.


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