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Wormwood is a raven from the Disney Junior TV series, Sofia the First. When speaking, he is voiced by Jim Cummings.


Wormwood was given to Cedric as his animal familiar during the latter's days as a Hexley Hall student. He has proved to be true minion than a simple pet. Wormwood doesn't like being used a test subject for magic spells. He finds Cedric to be an embarrassment due his antics Wormwood shared Cedric's ambition to take over the kingdom. He considers him to be more level-headed than Cedric, which is quite frustrating, leading him to insult Cedric behind his back. He never let his personal feeling get in the way of his desire.

Role in series

Wormwood first appeared alongside Cedric in Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess. When Sofia put everyone to sleep, she and Amber went to Cedric's lair to find a spell to wake everyone. Wormwood tried to stop them, but Sofia's animal friends managed to cage him. Wormwood gloated that they would never the counter spell because the counter spell book was hidden behind the painting, but what he didn't know Sofia could understand him and she got the book, much to his dismay.


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