Worthington Dubois

Worthington Dubois

Not so fast, Fletcher! When I fell, I landed in the ruins of the Hall of the Sandal Scrapers. An order of scrapers far more ancient than your miserable boot scrapers. And with this.. I will become the most powerful antiques collector the world has ever seen!!
~ Worthington to Lawrence.

Worthington Dubois is the main antagonist of the Phineas and Ferb episode "Tri-State Treasure: Boot of Secrets".

He was voiced by Tim Curry.


According to Lawrence Fletcher, Worthington is his antique nemesis. He first appeared eavesdropping on Lawrence and Phineas' conversation about a legendary Boot Scraper called the "Scrapus Maximus". To that end, Worthington began stalking Lawrence and his sons until they reach a chamber where they found the Scraper.

Taking the opportunity, Worthington revealed himself by grabbing the Scraper, only to find out that he picked the wrong one (a hedgehog scraper, as there are no hedgehogs in America), causing him to fall into a pit. However, Worthington comes back up, revealing that he found another chamber containing a sandal scraper, which transformed him into a giant ghost-like entity to take on Lawrence and his sons. Eventually, Phineas and Ferb round their friends from outer space to take down Worthington for good.

It was later revealed that the episode's events was just a movie that Phineas and Ferb were making, and that Buford and Baljeet were disguised as Worthington the whole time.


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Worthington Dubois
Worthington Dubois


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