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Worthred is an antagonist in Final Space, serving as the main antagonist of the third episode of season 2's "The Grand Surrender". He is an eldritch, ancient being worshiped as a god on the planet Serepentis.

He was voiced by Tobias Conan Trost.


Worthred is a massive, snakelike entity that was worshiped by Ash Graven's people on her home planet Serpentis. When Ash was a little girl, her parents tried to sacrifice her and her sister Hap to Worthred only for her to panic and get restrained. When Harp is devoured by the snake god, Ash's telekinetic powers manifest and she kills her parents and several cult members in blind anger. As she was being hunted by some of the remaining cult members, Ash met Clarence and Fox and Clarence became her adoptive father.

After learning about the dimensional keys from Bolo, the Crimson Light realize that the next key was at Ash's homeworld after HUE took note of her tattoo. Despite feeling intimidated by the thought of returning to Serpentis, Ash relents upon realizing that she could get her sister back. After KVN thins the thousands of followers in line to sacrifice themselves to Worthred, Ash confronts him and demands that he free her sister. Worthred instead eats her and the rest of the Crimson Light. Inside of Worthred is a pocket dimension where his followers are drained of their wellness which he gorges on.

Realizing that Worthred's heart was the dimensional key, the team is made to solve three riddles from the guardian of Worthred's heart, Septim. They make a grab for the dimensional key when KVN unintentionally tosses his forever ball onto Septim, smashing his fragile bones. When the dimensional key is removed, the pocket dimension began to fall apart. Before they escaped, Ash reunites with her sister only to realize that she had long lost her mind, becoming a mindless zombie enslaved to Worthred. Acknowledging that her sister was long gone, Ash escapes the pocket dimension with Little Cato, and Worthred is eventually killed.


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