Wotan (DC)

Wotan is a DC comics villain and one of the main enemies of Doctor Fate. He was the most curring foe that Doctor Fate has fought and is his archenemy.


Wotan started out life as a Stone Age woman who was raped by a powerful tyrant who was claiming to be a servant of God. She studied the black arts and became such a very powerful sorceress and was eventually worshiped as a goddess.

She eventually learned how to switch from body to body and then to direct her own reincarnation, eventually becoming the male being now known as Wotan.

In other media

Young Justice

Wotan (Young Justice)

Wotan in Young Justice.

Wotan is one of the villains in the TV show; Young Justice. In the first episode, the League gets word that he plans to block out the sun. He later joined the Injustice League and helped Count Vertigo fight the team but was taken out by Doctor Fate. He along with Klarion, Wizard, Felix Faust, and Blackbriar Thorn were performing a ritual to create two dimensions, one with adults but no one under 18, and one with children, but no one above 18. 

Brave and the Bold



Wotan later appeared in the show Batman the Brave and the Bold in the episode "The Eyes of Despero" where he tries to rob the library of Infinity but Doctor Fate and Batman manage to stop him.

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